Mindy Mann’s Facebook Photos: Nanny Who Allegedly Cheated With Gavin Rossdale Shown In Pictures Copying Gwen Stefani

Mindy Mann and her Facebook photos have been the source of plenty of controversy on Wednesday, as news broke about Gavin Rossdale’s alleged three-year affair with Mindy, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Nude photos that Mann reportedly sent to Rossdale were discovered by another nanny, who showed the pictures and text messages to Gwen Stefani. Now Us reports that Mindy copied Gwen’s style, as seen in a variety of photos of Mann from Facebook and other places, looking similar to Stefani.

A very eerie plot-line has emerged in the reports about Mindy the nanny copying Gwen’s signature looks and dieting secrets. Just like the movies Single White Female and The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, side-by-side photos of Mindy in comparison to Gwen show definite similarities. As reported by the Daily Mail, several Facebook photos of Mindy display Mann donning the same type of scarf wrapped and tied in an upswept fashion around Mann’s blonde mane, very much like the way Gwen wore a similar scarf.

Other photos show Mann wearing the same type of olive green type of jumpsuit Gwen wore. According to the Daily Mail, Mindy didn’t just copy Gwen’s clothing and fashion stylings like new purses – but Mann also mimicked Stefani’s exercise routines and diet plans. Gwen found it strange that Mindy copied such things.

Mindy is also featured in photos sporting a bright type of red hair that Gwen has sported in the past. Stefani’s split from her 50-year-old husband comes after 13 years of marriage and after Gavin’s alleged confirmation to Gwen that he’d had a three-year affair with Mann.

Additional photos of Mindy show her wearing a blue jean jumpsuit very similar to the one Gwen wore.

Mindy had been working as a nanny for Gwen and Gavin for nearly seven years, since 2008, although it was only on a temporary basis at first. Eventually, Mann became a permanent nanny for the couple, and some time after that, Mindy and Rossdale allegedly began having an affair. A troubling photo of Gavin putting his hand on Mindy’s backside as they went hiking troubled Gwen, as seen online from 2012.

The above photo of Mann and Gavin hiking was troubling to Gwen, but the fact that Mindy was so close to the family and engaged in an alleged affair with Rossdale right under Gwen’s nose was devastating to Stefani. A family source claimed that Mindy uploaded photos on sites like Facebook that looked like Stefani.

“[Mindy] began to post pictures on social media dressed in a similar way to Gwen.”

Mindy was reportedly passed off as Gwen’s sister-in-law “Soraya” as a way to describe how similar they looked. In fact, a Daily Mail article from 2013 calls Mann “Soraya Rossdale” in the image description of a photo that calls Mindy Gavin’s stylish sister. Gwen’s Catholic faith and disbelief in divorce convinced her to try and stick it out with Rossdale, until the nude photos of Mindy to Gavin gave her undeniably proof.

Gavin can be seen in photos from 2010 such as the featured photo above of Mindy listed as “Soraya Rossdale (his sister)” when out and about in New York City.

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