Here’s How ‘World Of Warcraft’ Warriors, Monks, And Druids Are Changing When ‘Legion’ Launches

With only four classes left to preview, Blizzard Entertainment developers detail three more today. Critical Warrior, Monk, and Druid changes are coming up when Legion releases, and the developer wants to keep World of Warcraft players informed on the new changes. After today’s feature covering these three classes, only the Rogue remains as the last class to receive its Legion preview post.

World of Warcraft Warriors can specialize in three ways; two damage-dealing options and a tanking option exist. In Legion, players that are familiar with the Arms and Fury specializations should be able to distinguish their playstyle even more through a number of talents. However, the preview on only offers up a brief look at the Warrior’s changes.

World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft

The last World of Warcraft class preview on for today covers the versatile Druid. As the only class in World of Warcraft to boast four different specializations, the Druid will see a plethora of changes when Legion launches. In the damage arena, Balance Druids will no longer have to manage an Eclipse bar and will instead use Astral Power to cast Starsurge or Starfall. Feral Druids will continue to deal massive damage through bleeds and physical attacks. The tanking Guardian Druid will focus more on mitigating damage through their thick skin rather than by dodging. For example, Ironfur increases their armor by 100 percent for six seconds and multiple uses make the spell overlap. Finally, Restoration Druids will see a minor change making their Mastery increase healing done to a target based on the number of heal-over-time effects currently active on it.

World of Warcraft

Yesterday, three other World of Warcraft classes were previewed by Blizzard including the popular Warlock, the iconic Death Knight, and the controversial Shaman. As the Inquisitr reported, all Warlocks will return to using Soul Shards, Blood Death Knights can choose a Bonestorm talent, and Shaman Totems will be much stronger. In fact, Shamans will be able to have more than one Totem of each nature type out simultaneously, elementals summoned from Totems will be able to follow the Shaman, and Totems will have a percentage of the Shaman’s health.

Legion is due to release in summer 2016 with a fine print guarantee of a launch “on or before” September 21. The expansion will raise the World of Warcraft level cap to 110, add artifact weapons for all specializations, introduce the new Demon Hunter hero class, and much more. Players will be able to lead their class order hall, enjoy an extremely improved transmogrification system, and complete new dungeons and raids.

How does this set of class changes strike you?

[Image via Blizzard Entertainment]