Greg Hardy Twitter Account Declares Innocence

The Greg Hardy Twitter account declared that the Dallas Cowboys defensive end is innocent.

Celebrities have been known to hire people to help them run their social media accounts. Charlie Sheen became a social media darling with the help of a staff. While he is not on the same level as Sheen, Hardy has the money to hire people to help run his social media accounts. The belief, though, is that Hardy is the one responsible for these controversial comments.

Earlier today, ESPN reported that the Greg Hardy Twitter account declared innocence. Hardy stated that he was innocent until proven guilty. He also declared that lack of knowledge and information is just ignorance. The defensive end went even further by stating that the unjust and prejudicial treatment of different categories of people is discrimination. That was the message that Hardy was compelled to deliver after his alleged domestic abuse photos were released to the public.

Another interesting thing to note is that Hardy changed his Twitter name to “Perfection.” That draws attention because it seems like the former Carolina Panthers star does not believe that he has flaws. It comes at an unusual time because the public and the media have been calling for Hardy to get help for his various issues. The name change was not the wisest of moves.

Changes were immediately made to the Greg Hardy Twitter profile. He removed the “Perfection” name and replaced it with “Machiavelli Kraken,” which appears to combine his football nickname with a Tupac Shakur reference. Hardy also replaced his previous message about innocence with lyrics from the rapper.

Tupac Shakur
The Greg Hardy Twitter account now references Tupac Shakur after Jason Garrett intervened. [ Photo by Christopher Polk / Getty Images ]

It also appears that the Cowboys might have intervened in the situation. When asked about the changes that were made to the Twitter profile, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett gave a very generic response. He stated that the team addresses those issues with the players whenever something arises. When asked again for a more specific answer, Garrett simply repeated his first answer.

Out of all the players on the Cowboys roster, Hardy probably causes more headaches for Garrett than anyone else. He is the guy that the media wants to know most about. Reporters asked about quarterback Tony Romo and wide receiver Dez Bryant when they were injured, but there was more interest whenever Hardy did something controversial.

Sadly, this is not the first social media controversy caused by Hardy this season. The Pro Bowl player made a reference to the September 11 tragedy, which upset a lot of people online. Hardy also made comments towards Tom Brady and his wife before the Cowboys played the New England Patriots. Earlier in the week, he expressed some remorse, but very few took it as a genuine statement.

Jason Garrett
The Greg Hardy Twitter account has caused headaches for Jason Garrett on more than one occasion this season. [ Photo by Chris Graythen / Getty Images ]

The repeated situations with Hardy have caused people to question how much authority Garrett has with the Cowboys. Reporters have openly asked the head coach if he is concerned that the defensive end is tuning out his words. People are also questioning Garrett because Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has publicly supported Hardy throughout every incident.

Hardy may not be aware of this, but his actions are having a great effect on his finances. It is no secret that Jones wants to lock him down to a long-term contract extension to stay with the Cowboys for the next couple of years. However, Jones knows that he cannot make that happen while there is this much negativity towards Hardy. Things need to simmer down before Jones can make an announcement that is surely going to generate even more negative feelings towards the Cowboys.

As cliche as it sounds, Hardy needs to just focus on football and remain silent.

[ Featured Photo by Jamie Squire / Getty Images ]