Diner Accuses Server Of Hitting On Her Husband, Leaves No Tip — Server Hits Back In Viral Facebook Burn

When a customer stiffed waitress Jessica Morris on a tip at an Ohio restaurant last weekend, it certainly wasn’t the first time that an obnoxious restaurant patron refused to compensate a server for her hard work. And when Jessica decided to take to Facebook to call out the dining diva, that wasn’t the first time either that a member of a restaurant wait staff had deployed the power of social media to level some instant karma at a stingy patron.

But this time, there was an extra twist to the tale — maybe even a couple of extra twists, because the customer in this case was a newlywed who accused Jessica Morris of hitting on her husband right there at the table. But there was something she didn’t know about Jessica before she judged her.

Here’s what happened — according to how Morris herself told the story in her Facebook post.

The couple in question were apparently were celebrating their honeymoon, in the exotic destination of Centerville, Ohio, when they chose to dine at the restaurant where Jessica was employed as a server. Along with another couple, the honeymooners took a table for four in Jessica’s section.

“The one told me they were there to celebrate part of their honeymoon, which I replied ‘oh I just got married last month, congratulations.’ I assumed they heard me, and we proceeded with the whole ‘what can I get you’ yada yada yada,” she wrote.

What came next, she said, was the usual banter in which a waitress does her best to charm her customers, partly because as in Jessica’s case, she’s just a nice person — but also with the objective of putting the customer in the upbeat frame of mind to leave a nice gratuity.

So Jessica made a few jokes that made the newlywed husband laugh — and all seemed to be going well. Until, that is, it was time to collect the check. That’s when the newlywed wife, who Jessica calls simply “Jenny,” left what would prove to be a lasting impression on the server — who was herself a newlywed.

Not only did Jenny fill out a big, fat “zero” on the line where a tip should be, she also added a little personal note.

“He’s my husband, find your own,” the woman wrote. “Good luck.”

The actual note itself can be seen above in the Facebook photo from Jessica’s posting.

Jessica Morris reply on Facebook

Not only did the jealous Jenny stiff Jessica on the tip and add a nasty note, she added injury to insult by stealing Jessica’s only pen.

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That’s when Jessica took to Facebook, penning, as it were, a reply directed toward Jenny, by name.

“I would like you to know, the server that was in the section across from mine, that I kept talking to and checking on throughout the time of you sitting at my table IS MY HUSBAND. Which I found on my own, and looks better than yours,” wrote Jenny on her Facebook page.

In fact, here is a picture of Jessica and her husband, Travis, her fellow server at the Ohio eatery — at their wedding just a month before the fateful encounter with “Jenny.”

Server Tip Facebook Jessica Morris
Jessica and Travis at their October 9 wedding (Photo via WPIX-TV Screen Capture)

“MY HUSBAND would never let me feel so insecure that I would feel the need to write such a terrible note to a server and make them feel the way you have.”

“So Jenny, here’s a life tip for you from me, your insecurity as a woman is heartbreaking. Have pride in yourself and your relationship with YOUR husband to where you don’t need to put another down to bring yourself up. Especially a server who lives off her tips and needs them to help her husband pay bills.”

Here’s a TV news report that tells even more of the story, courtesy of WPIX-TV News in New York.

Whether “Jenny” will think twice before assuming a restaurant server is hitting on her husband remains to be seen. But Jessica’s response has gone widely viral, so it’s very likely that she has received the message.

[Featured Image via Jessica Morris Facebook]