Has Joey Feek of Joey And Rory Passed? Todd Chrisley Confuses Fans With New Post

News came out not long ago that Joey Feek of the country duo Joey + Rory is battling cancer, and is now in hospice. Her fans have been praying and hoping that somehow she will pull out of this and everything will be okay. Things are not looking good for the singer. Reality star Todd Chrisley shared a post today on his Facebook page that has fans confused on how Joey Feek is doing now.

Here is what Todd Chrisley had to say about Joey Feek today.

“It’s with a heavy heart that I post this, Joey and Rory have been a couple that has brought us so much joy over the years with their music and now the Lord has decided to call Joey home as he must need her in heaven more than we need her here, please show your support and go to iTunes to purchase her song she recorded for her family and their precious child Indiana, it takes a moment to make a difference in someone else’s lives, WE LOVE YOU JOEY, RORY and Indiana and our prayers are with you on this journey.”

There has been no news released at this time that Joey Feek has passed away and fans are hoping that she is doing just fine. The way Todd worded this post has everyone questioning if Joey passed away, but they just haven’t shared the news yet. So far, his post appears to be the only one out there that makes it sound like Joey has left this world. The fans of Joey are going crazy on the post, questioning how she is doing and saying that they are still praying for Joey Feek every single day. There is a lot of confusion from what Todd posted.

Rory Feek has been doing a great job of keeping everyone updated on Joey and has been sharing on their blog and Facebook page. His last post on their Facebook is about Joey going home to spend time with Indiana. She is in hospice and just living her last days on this earth before God takes her home. There are no new updates on Joey Feek’s condition since then, and now everyone just has to wait to hear how she is doing.

Joey with her daughter Indiana
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If Joey Feek has passed away, Todd Chrisley spoke too soon and let the news out before the family has shared it. This could simply be a misunderstanding about the way that he has worded the post, but everyone is looking for updates and hopes that they hear one soon from Rory Feek. Rory will be updating fans either way, soon, for sure. He knows how much everyone cares for Joey Feek and is doing all that he can to keep everyone in the loop ever since they found out that there was nothing left to do for Joey besides try to stop the pain.

At this time, the family has been asking for “prayers for a miracle and peace with His decision.” Joey Feek has had a long battle and the doctors just told her that there was nothing left that medicine could do for her. Joey has already said goodbye to her daughters, and is living at home with her daughter Indiana instead of at the hospital for her last days. Everyone will continue to pray for Joey Feek during this time of need and for strength for her entire family. Joey Feek will always live on in her adorable daughter, Indiana, and in her amazing music with her husband, Rory. She will definitely never be forgotten.

[Image via Instagram]