Move over, Sarah Palin- Jon Voight woos GOP at shindig

Jon Voight emceed a fundraising dinner for the Republican House and Senate last night, eliciting GOP nods of approval for a series of biting critiques aimed at what he called the “Obama oppression.”

Republicans raised $14.5m at the dinner, to be split evenly between Congress and the Senate. Speakers at the dinner called GOP members to action to win back some legislative control in next year’s mid-term elections. Ever champions of the middle class, Republican Sen. Minority Leader John Boehner warned of plans by the ruling Dems “to bury our children and the middle class under a mountain of debt.” This statement was delivered non-ironically by the party who brought us the money-draining Iraq quagmire, on the credit card.

Keynote speaker Newt Gingrich was initially overshadowed by Sarah Palin’s diva-ish will she/won’t she (appear or speak) drama. Gingrich illicited praise and agreement for his sharp critique of Obama, claiming that the Commander in Chief “uses his rhetorical skills to hide from fundamental facts.”

Voight gave voice to Republicans who have felt disenfranchised in the grueling four months since the start of the new Democratic regime. Voight called President Obama a “false prophet” and warned that America was becoming a “weak nation.”


Voight gave the party hope for November 2010, in a few simple words- “Do not tell me it cannot be done.”