November 11, 2015
'Arrow' Season 4 Spoilers — Does The Return Of Ray Palmer Mean The End For Oliver And Felicity?

As the current season of Arrow continues to develop, Felicity recently make the shocking discovery that Ray Palmer is still alive, though not in the ideal set of circumstances. With the reappearance of Ray and the fact that Felicity has a lot of feelings to work through, is her relationship with Oliver now in jeopardy?

According to the Christian Post, the next episode of Arrow, titled "Lost Souls," will feature Oliver and his team doing all they can to save Ray, who is apparently being held captive by Damien Darhk. Darhk is holding Ray, who has been shrunken down to miniature size, in a small glass container on his desk.

While the team develops a plan to rescue Ray, the official synopsis for the episode also reveals that Felicity is left in a state of guilt because she was unable to find Ray sooner. In particular, Felicity is angry at herself because she may have been able to track down Ray if she would have listened to his voiceover following his apparent death. Now that she knows Ray is alive, she will likely do anything and everything in her power to make things right with him.

Felicity ended her relationship with Ray Palmer to be with Oliver. [Image via The CW]
Felicity ended her relationship with Ray Palmer to be with Oliver. [Image via The CW]

Although the news that Ray is still alive came as a surprise to Felicity, fans have long suspected that he would eventually return to the show, though when and in what state was unclear. That being said, his appearance at this point in the season is certainly a welcome surprise to fans.

Meanwhile, in regards to how Ray's appearance will affect the relationship between Felicity and Oliver, it is clear that things will be strained between the two. In an interview with ET, producer Wendy Mericle discussed how Felicity is handling the idea that Ray is still alive.

"Because of the way season three ended, we haven't seen Felicity grieving the loss of Ray," she stated. "Finding out that that loss isn't what she thought it was, she's going to be going through some pretty complicated emotions and they're definitely going to have an impact on Oliver moving forward – though maybe not in the way everyone thinks."

At the same time, Mericle also talked about how Oliver with deal with the situation. Apparently, Arrow has a few twists in store with how Oliver handles Felicity's need to rescue Ray.

"We really wanted to try to do it in a surprising, different way and Felicity is going to want to help out her friend and that's no doubt going to create big complications for Oliver," she explained.

Now that Oliver and Felicity are finally together, how long will
Now that Oliver and Felicity are finally together, how long will 'Olicity' last? [Image via The CW]

Certainly, rescuing Ray is going to be everyone's top priority in the coming episode, no matter how Oliver feels about the matter. That being said, it is definitely going to be a challenging task given the fact that Darhk is the one keeping Ray captive. Additionally, the synopsis reveals that the team will also have to deal with the effects from the Lazarus Pit as they try to rescue Ray.

Speaking of the Lazarus Pit, Thea has already related to Oliver that she has killed two people in order to satisfy her blood lust. With that in mind, is Thea set to ruin their rescue mission and kill another man in the next episode? Also, how is Sara handling her own revival, and will she be a liability moving forward?

Hopefully, the team will be able to pull it together and rescue Ray and give Felicity the opportunity to deal with her past feelings for him.

Fans can find out what happens with Ray and all of the other developments when the next episode of Arrow, "Lost Souls," premieres on November 11 on The CW.

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[Image via The CW]