Mindy Mann, Nanny: Nude Photos Of Gavin Rossdale’s Nanny And Alleged 3-Year Affair Caused Gwen Stefani Divorce — More Mann Photos Emerge

There’s a new name in the Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale divorce drama: Mindy Mann. Mindy and Gavin engaged in a three-year affair, reports Us Weekly. The publication has a photo of the blonde nanny on the cover, with Mindy smiling as Mann holds a child and walks with Rossdale.

Other photos from a “Mindy Mann nanny” search on Google Images also show a blonde woman that may or may not be Mann holding a child. Another photo of Gavin with his hand on Mindy’s butt made the rounds in 2012, as reported by Metro.

It wasn’t Mindy the nanny who let the cat out of the bag about Mann’s alleged affair with Gavin, but another nanny. According to Us Weekly, Gwen learned about sexy texts and nude pictures of Mindy exchanged between Rossdale and Mann from an iPad. Mindy and Gavin also planned sex trysts that accompanied those nude photos of Mann.

“The iPad was linked to Gavin’s phone. One of the other nannies discovered the exchange and told Gwen,” a source explained.

The manner in which nude photos of Mindy the nanny and sexual texts between Mann and Gavin was discovered is a popular way that some cheaters are being discovered these days. With Apple products such as the iPad, iPhone, and MacBook Air syncing up the Messages app, some people don’t realize that copies of text messages and photos exchanged on their iPhone with other Apple product users can be seen on other Apple devices as well. It’s reasonable that Gavin may have received nude photos of Mindy via an iPhone, but he may not have realized that another nanny could’ve grabbed the family iPad in order to read the kids a story but instead discovered nude photos of the other nanny, Mann, instead. Text message exchanges could’ve appeared along with the naked photos of Mindy to Gavin.

Therefore, as the 13-year union between Gwen and Gavin has been plagued with rumors over whether or not it was Stefani’s relationship with Blake Shelton that caused the divorce, as reported by TMZ, this new news about Mindy the nanny has allegedly set the record straight on who cheated on who first.

According to Us Weekly, it was Rossdale and his alleged acts of adultery with Mann the nanny that caused the split. Mindy and Gavin allegedly messed around right under Gwen’s nose for years — even though Stefani has not yet confirmed the Mann nanny affair via her PR rep. Rossdale’s PR rep, interestingly, declined to comment to the publication.

It’s similar to the Ben Affleck nanny controversy that featured Jennifer Garner and Affleck’s divorce news coming as video of Ben not wearing his wedding ring the day following Jennifer’s birthday, as reported by the Inquisitr. Gwen and Gavin’s story is also that of a famous married couple in the entertainment industry whose marriage hit the rocks when the news of an affair with the nanny was revealed. The 46-year-old Stefani was reportedly “livid” when she discovered Rossdale had allegedly been cheating with Mann.

Stefani’s discovery about Mindy the nanny, reports the New York Daily News‎, devastated Gwen, and Mann was fired. Gavin, 50, said he was only flirting with Mann at first, but then Rossdale confessed to an affair with Mindy three months later. That’s when Gwen decided to divorce Gavin. Rossdale reportedly had a sexual relationship with Mindy, claims Us Weekly, for three years. Mann and Rossdale allegedly slept together during the time that Gwen was pregnant with her and Gavin’s son, Apollo.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]