‘Quantico’ Spoilers: Love Triangles, The Twins’ Secret And Elias’ Future

Can anyone be trusted on ABC’s Quantico? It seems like the answer is no, though, in the New York timeline, more people seem to be taking Alex’s side and believing she’s not responsible for the bombing — or at least are willing to help in some way.

After spotting one of the twins in the footage of Grand Central Station in the days leading up to the attack in the previous Quantico episode, the latest one saw Alex and Simon track down Raina, who was happy to hear proof that her twin is alive. See, they’ve been infiltrating a terrorist cell staying across the street, but they didn’t know which landmark the group would choose to hit. Since Nimah hasn’t switched with her, she had no idea if her twin was alive, but why no switch? Could Nimah be involved in the attack? Raina insisted she couldn’t be, and after confirming Nimah’s in the house (thanks to Simon’s thermal goggles), Raina found a way inside to talk to her sister in the bathroom before sending her back to the others.

As Nimah explained it, she had gotten close enough to the leader for him to trust her — so close, she was worried what would happen if Raina was alone with him — and there was another attack planned. Of course, that was when Ryan and Shelby showed up and warned them that the FBI was on their way, so everything went south. While Raina and Nimah both made it out of the terrorists’ house while the cell and the FBI shot at each other, Ryan got hit, but when Natalie ran into him and Alex in an alley, she let them go. Showrunner Josh Safran explained to Entertainment Weekly that that move very much has to do with her feelings for Ryan, as well as her knowing how he feels about Alex.

“It’s been very tough for her. She’s always known that she’s taken second place in Ryan’s heart … She knows when she’s lost. She is putting the greater good of Ryan ahead and believing what he believes, and she loves him, knowing that he does not love her the same way.”

One of the big questions right now on Quantico, however, surrounds the twins. Are they innocent? Yasmine Al Massri told TVGuide.com that she thinks her characters are, and “there’s no doubt in their minds they’re innocent,” though “at the same time, all the NATs are suspects.” But what is true is that they were on an undercover assignment.

In the Quantico timeline, Miranda revealed the twins to the other NATs after Simon discovered the truth, which means everyone will get to see the differences between the two — and that’s just going to make things complicated for Simon.

Quantico timeline still
An honest introduction on Quantico. [Image via ABC]

“He fell in love with a mix of both,” Al Massri explained. “He doesn’t know which one said that word, which one looked at him in a certain way. Raina is the one who fell in love with him. Nimah doesn’t hate him. She likes that he’s smart. … It’s just small things that show up that they’re very similar. I don’t think she’s interested in him the same way Raina is because he does not surprise her.”

Speaking of complicated relationships, there’s Shelby’s with father and son, Caleb and Clayton. While she was hooking up with Caleb in Quantico, he discovered in the New York timeline in a recent Quantico episode that she’s the one with whom his father has been having an affair. Caleb’s keeping quiet about what he found out because of who his mother is. Safran previewed for EW that Caleb’s mother will be coming in (Claire, played by Marcia Cross), as will his sister, Cassie, at some point, so expect to see more from the Haas family.

Father and son in Quantico
Caleb and Clayton Haas in Quantico. [Image via ABC]

“Caleb’s contentious relationship with his father, and Caleb and Shelby’s relationship really deeper,” the showrunner teased. “There’s an absolutely heartbreaking and beautiful scene in the next episode between the two of them where he’s forced to come clean with secrets about his past that we’ve only been hinting at but we’re finally catching on to.”

Finally, the latest Quantico episode saw the NATs faced with a test in the Quantico timeline, a complicated one that ended with them facing a bomb and some of the trainees left, including Elias. The showrunner has confirmed that he “does not return to Quantico,” however, added, “Isn’t it great to work in a show that has two different timelines?” Based on that, it seems safe to say that Elias will be showing up in the New York timeline at some point, though the question does remain, how?

Quantico airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

[Image via ABC]