'Friday The 13th: The Game' Hits Kickstarter Goal -- Could Jason Voorhees Finally See A Decent Digital Release?

Friday the 13th: The Game is officially getting an indie remake. The Kickstarter campaign by Randy Greenback of Gun Media is set on making Jason Voorhees a video game character we'll want to come back to.

You probably remember the classic NES video game featuring gameplay that rivaled the films for how horrific it was. The average gamer never finished it because it was so poorly made. The original Friday the 13th video game was so notorious that it spawned one of the most memorable episodes of The Angry Video Game Nerd. It was almost bad enough to rank alongside the E.T. video game for Atari 2600 as one of the worst games based on a movie ever created.

Randy Greenback may be about to help you forget about that old eyesore with a game taking some of its style from 2K Games' Evolve. Friday the 13th: The Game is an asymmetrical multiplayer title which has one player in the role of Jason Voorhees and the rest in the roles of counselors attempting to simply survive the night. According to the Kickstarter description, the counselors will be "helpless," much like the silent protagonist from the Slender games, but each will have certain attributes making them different and relatively crucial.

If the game is close enough to the films, the counselors aren't going to have an easy time surviving. There have been numerous sequels, the first of which also being the first to feature Jason as the killer (his mother was the monster in the first one). The trailer actually has Jason's mother as its narrator, telling the audience her own twisted perspective behind the murders at Camp Crystal Lake.

"After it happened, I expected someone to do something. I expected parents to show up with questions and concerns. I thought the police would have done more, but nothing happened. Nothing changed. They opened it again the next year, and they were back to their old habits. They're just kids, right? So was he. He was just an innocent boy. I was a good mother to him, my boy, my sweet, sweet Jason."

It is unknown if Jason's mother will make an appearance in Friday the 13th: The Game, though it might give the game some backstory and added emotional tension.

Working on Friday the 13th: The Game along with Greenback are Adam Sessler, Ronnie Hobbs, Wes Keltner, and several major players who worked on the original film. Tom Savini is another name in the long list of credits, a man whose visual effects expertise in horror will help him contribute one of the franchise's key elements: He's in charge of helping create unique and creative deaths much like the films.

Kane Hodder is one name that probably needs no introduction for fans of the franchise. He was the actor behind the mask, the man who brought Jason Voorhees to life. He is doing the motion capture to make Jason an authentic presence in the game.

Of course, the game would never legally happen without the blessing of Sean S. Cunningham, the creator of the films. He is giving Friday the 13th: The Game its official license and helping ensure it isn't a cheap rush job.

For the loners out there, the developers are also attempting to make a single-player mode if they hit a stretch goal of $1,625,000. If you would like to see that happen, click here to donate to the campaign and help this game become all it can be.

For only $25, you can guarantee your digital download key to play Friday the 13th: The Game when it releases in October 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Just over $80 will net you a physical disc copy.

[Feature image via Warner Bros.]