Timothy Bradley Receives Death Threats Following Manny Pacquiao Bout

Timothy Bradley Death Threats

Timothy Bradley’s victory celebration after defeating Manny Pacquiao was cut short this week after the new champion began receiving death threats from Manny fans who believed their favorite boxer was robbed of the title.

The death threats began just before Bradley went on ESPN Radio Chicago to talk about his victory. Bradley essentially told Waddle and Silvy that he deserved the victory despite Manny Pacquioa’s far superior fight numbers which were highly publicized after the fight.

Bradly also told the talk show hosts that his corner believes he won the fight.

Speaking about the threats against his life Bradley said:

“Definitely on Facebook and Twitter, reading people’s comments, e-mails and people are sending me like death threats, telling me to die, telling me to give the belt back, ‘if you’re a man’ and all this hate mail. Just people being really rude like I’m the one to blame. ‘If you’re a real champion and want any respect from me then you’d give the belt back.’ I’m like ‘dude I earned the belt and I’m not giving the belt back.’ Anybody out there that thinks I should give the belt back, the belt is not going back. I deserve the belt. I won the fight regardless of what anyone thinks. The judges thought I won the fight and that is that. I’m not the one to blame here. Don’t be pointing the finger at me, don’t be sending me crazy e-mails and things like that because I really don’t care.”

In the meantime Bradley may soon be able to prove that he is the better boxer since Manny Pacquiao’s contract specifically gives him the right to a rematch.

In talking about the fight Bradley proclaimed:

“I fought my fight. I fought the best I could that night given my injuries but I’m not the one to blame. I’m not the one to blame for the results. The judges saw the fight the way they saw the fight and that is that. They had some really professional judges out there and some really good judges out there and Duane Ford is one of the best judges out there and he picked me. What do you want me to do? I thought the fight was close after the fight. I wasn’t sure if I won it or not. I was like ‘I’m in Vegas and never know how the judges are going to judge it. I know the fight’s really close.’

Like we said earlier, it’s not surprising that Bradley is now saying he felt he won the fight. But we all know this isn’t going away anytime time soon. Bradley may have to prove it again in the ring before people even think about considering that he really beat Pacquiao that night.