Jennifer Lawrence Falls Over In Public Again At ‘Hunger Games – Mockingjay’s’ Madrid Premiere, Is Still Basically Perfect [Video]

Everyone basically adores Jennifer Lawrence because, well, she’s one of the most charismatic, nuanced, and downright talented screen presences in decades. She’s also gloriously aloof, unpretentious, and hilarious in interviews and real life.

So the fact that she fell onto her face on the red carpet at the Madrid premiere for the last installment to The Hunger Games franchise, Mockingjay – Part 2, has only helped to increase her appeal.

You can check out the video of Jennifer Lawrence falling, and then repeatedly struggling in her attempt to stand up again, courtesy of the video below. It will immediately make you love her even more.

It’s rather surprising to see Jennifer Lawrence struggling so badly on the red carpet. Not only has sauntering across these been part and parcel of Lawrence’s career now for the best part of half a decade, but for the last week the American actress has been traveling across Europe walking on them to celebrate the release of the blockbuster.

Unfortunately for Lawrence, the reason why she fell down on the red carpet for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 is her dress, which was a rather stellar piece of attire, as it was designed and sold by Ralph Lauren.

Despite its obvious expense, this didn’t stop the gown from getting caught up in Lawrence’s legs as she walked up the bright red steps of the Madrid cinema that was just about to screen The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2.

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Lawrence was left floundering on the ground, struggling to rise back again to her feet like a plastered drunkard in the last minutes of a prolonged bender. Luckily for the Oscar-winning actress, this didn’t last too long as she was steadily helped back to her feet by the group of aides around her though.

And even though it took a rather lengthy time to actually get the actress onto her feet again, Lawrence eventually stood up straight and then headed into the venue, where it’s safe to assume she took great joy in regaling the story to her Hunger Games: Mockingjay co-stars.

Jennifer Lawrence has actually made quite the habit of falling over in rather public places. In fact, she’s done just that at the Oscars. Twice. All in front of the world’s media who then took great joy in clicking away and capturing Lawrence’s shame.

The first of these trips occurred at the 2013 Academy Awards ceremony. But instead of taking place on the red carpet, rather mortifyingly for Jennifer Lawrence it transpired as she walked up the stage to collect the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook.

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While she walked up the stairs wearing a gorgeous Dior Haute Couture dress, Lawrence tripped up the steps and had to break her fall with her hands. This provoked those in attendance at the ceremony to all rise to their feet and applaud the actress, mostly just to try and hide her embarrassment, while at the same time congratulating her on her rewards.

Then, just 12 months later, Jennifer Lawrence tripped and fell as she climbed out of her limousine on the way to the red carpet for the 2014 Academy Awards, which were held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

While this trip wasn’t broadcast live to the hundreds of millions watching on TV across the world, dozens of photos of Lawrence falling, and then being helped back up by a police officer and her then-boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult, soon appeared online.

Despite these issues with staying on her feet, Lawrence remains one of the most popular actresses in the world at the moment, and her her actions only seem to increase her standing in the public’s eyes.

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