WWE News: Backstage Update On WWE Intercontinental Championship Plans

The Intercontinental championship has turned into a title in the WWE that matters. Prior to Kevin Owens holding the belt, the IC strap became a placeholder title for no ascension to a bigger position on the main roster. When the World Heavyweight championship was around, that was the perfect belt for a young superstar to ascend to in the WWE. It had its place in the company. Owens’ Intercontinental championship reign is a new standard for champions.

Ryback wasn’t cutting it. He was only popular with a minute portion of the WWE Universe. Other than that, his lack of charisma was showing fiercely on WWE television, which made fans tune out. Ryback wasn’t the only reason for the record-low ratings coming in, but he was a part of it. In just over a month, Owens has made a bigger impact as an Intercontinental champion than Ryback.

Kevin Owens Ryback WWE
Kevin Owens and Ryback in backstage segments on Raw. (Image via Youtube)

Owens’ next feud was going to be a big one. Dean Ambrose was clearly done backing up his friend, Roman Reigns, at the moment. So it was finally time for the Lunatric Fringe to capture gold in the WWE once again. Like the WWE has always been, everything can change at any given second. Seth Rollins’ injury forced WWE officials to re-write the entire script. That started at the top and transitioned to the Intercontinental championship.

According to WrestleZone, the original plans for Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens at Survivor Series have been released.

“Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Title was originally scheduled for Survivor Series this month, but due to the World Title tournament those plans have changed. It’s possible Ambrose and Owens could face each other in the semi-finals of the tournament, but it likely will not be for the IC Title.”

Young talent will remain featured atop WWE programming, which is the right way to go. There’s no reason why older, part-time stars should gain the spotlight every second of the way. One of the big reasons why the WWE is failing is due to its usage of part-time stars. That isn’t the only reason, but the record-low ratings come from certain decisions.

Jim Ross, legendary-WWE announcer, commented on the Wyatt Family and Brothers of Destruction storyline and their ineptitude to not include younger WWE superstars.

“If you’re like me, you’re wondering why didn’t somebody, some kid, some young star, come out to help the Undertaker after all the Undertaker has meant to the [professional wrestling] business. Wouldn’t you think some of those young bucks would come out and try to help Taker and then get shut down by the bad guys? It would give the Wyatts somebody to work with because they aren’t going to work with the Undertaker every week on [WWE Monday Night] RAW.”

Ross brings up an excellent point. The one person that should’ve been brought out was the Demon, Finn Balor. Their gimmicks intertwine, especially with Kane being in the picture as well. The three men would face-off against three members of the Wyatt Family at Survivor Series. Even if the Brothers of Destruction and Balor would add a new member, it could also be another young guy. Baron Corbin has yet to debut on the main roster. Therefore, the WWE had two perfect examples of guys to promote.

Baron Corbin

Yet, they are sticking to their guns and keeping the teams the way they are for now. Will this give the WWE better ratings? They are in serious danger. As far as finances go, the WWE couldn’t be better. Their PR reputation is only gaining with their new partnership with ESPN. Major outlets are starting to cover them too, but it’s the ratings that keep them on television. Don’t let that insinuate that WWE is going out of business. Interest is dwindling and that’s never a good thing.

[Image via wwe.com]