Joey Fleek, Country Singer, Enters Hospice

Country singer Joey Fleek from the duet Joey + Rory entered hospice care at home on Monday. Fleek was rushed to the hospital Friday evening in excruciating pain. Doctors told the couple that the aggressive chemotherapy and radiation regimen was not working and they should focus on keeping Joey comfortable.

The duo is planning on Joey spending as much time with their young daughter Indiana as she can in her final days, according to Us Magazine. Indiana was born just before Joey was diagnosed with stage IV cervical cancer. The youngest member of the Fleek household was born with Down Syndrome.

Fans, friends, and family held a prayer vigil Thursday, November 5, and while the doctor’s report was not what they had hoped for, Rory says that it is an answer to prayer. Joey will spend the rest of her days at home. The family has arranged for a hospital bed and will have Indiana set up on a blanket to play close to her mother. The devoted mom has even recorded herself reading books sent in by fans so that her young daughter will be able to listen to Joey read her stories long after she has passed.

Joey Fleek spends time playing with Indiana during her latest hospital stay.
Joey Fleek plays with baby daugher Indiana. [Photo by This Life I Live]

Joey stopped all treatment for her cancer three weeks ago, according to Us Magazine. The decision was made when doctors found that the treatment for her cancer was ineffective and that the cancer had spread up into Joey’s abdomen. The duo canceled the rest of their Joey + Rory Farmhouse Concert dates effective October 23. Rory updated fans and apologized for the cancellation of the rest of their tour.

“Sometimes there just aren’t enough surgeries – or doctors — or chemotherapies — or prayers,” he wrote. “And you have to wipe the tears from your cheeks and say the words that you were hoping to never have to say … Enough.”

Joey and Rory continued to look on the bright side even after making the decision to quit treatment stating that “We came home. Not to die. But to live.”

Rory has been chronicling Joey’s journey with cervical cancer on a blog titled This Life I Live. Joey encouraged Rory to write about her ongoing battle with cancer. As Rory said, “I’m a songwriter who isn’t writing songs right now. Joey has been encouraging me to write about our lives instead.”

In Rory’s latest blog post he wrote about the decision for Joey to enter into hospice.

“We prayed. We all prayed. God answered. At 4 am on Friday morning we rushed Joey to the hospital in Muncie. Her pain had become too much to bare. A few hours later the doctors told us that the pain was from the cancer tumors continuing to grow and become inflamed and we need to concentrate now on helping her be comfortable.”

“Not the answer we hoped for… but the answer He has given us.”

The 40-year-old singer and songwriter has stated she is at peace with where she is right now and with where she is going. Spending the remainder of her days with Indiana, Rory, and her step-daughters Heidi and Hopie is where Joey wants to be. Rory gave no indication on how long doctors gave Joey Fleek to live, but did say that they pulled the calendar off the wall.

Joey Fleek with husband Rory in 2013.
April 7, 2013 - Joey + Rory on the red carpet at the 48th annual Academy of Country Music Awards. [Photo by Jason Meritt/Getty Images]

The duo placed third on CMT’s Can You Duet in 2008 and signed a record deal with Sugar Hill/Vanguard Records that same year. In October of 2008 Joey + Rory’s debut album The Life of a Song was released. The duo has since released five other studio albums. They were awarded the Top New Vocal Duo of the Year by the Academy of Country Music in 2010.

[Photo by This Life I Live]