Executive Producer Of ‘Southern Charm’ In More Legal Hot Water In Restaurant Suit

The legal hot water is so hot right now for Executive Producer Bryan Kestner that it is about to boil over. While the third season of Southern Charm is just about to wrap (they will end the season’s filming in early December), the action in the courtroom is just about to get started. It seems that Kestner’s former fiancée, Dawn Price, who is the victim in a domestic violence case, for which Kestner pleaded guilty, has now filed a civil suit alleging that he cheated her out of several thousand dollars, most of which are related to a project he calls “his restaurant,” the much delayed Generalissimo, a French-Mexican place that has gone through a few contractors.

The Inquisitr reported that Kestner’s legal troubles are mounting if you include the ongoing criminal domestic violence, the issues will Generalissimo, and cocaine charges, for which Kestner pleaded guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia. He claims he was wearing someone else’s jacket, reported to belong to a cast member, perhaps one of his partners, and that the whole thing was a misunderstanding as he was searched after stopping to urinate behind a dumpster off of King Street.

Before he started on Southern Charm, Bryan Kestner claimed he was the brains behind Planet Hollywood, though according to official documents, he was never even a partner on the project.


Fitsnews reported last week after the suit was filed that Kestner had promised to give Price 10 percent of his earnings from the restaurant called “Generalissimo,” plus an additional $55k. The first $15k was supposed to be paid on or before August 1. 2015, per a promissory note, but it wasn’t.

“The ownership stake (and cash) was intended to repay Price after she allegedly fronted all of Kestner’s ‘personal, living and travel expenses’ over the course of their four-year relationship. When the relationship ended earlier this year, Price says she discovered Kestner had absolutely no ownership interest in the restaurant.”

Here is a copy of the lawsuit filed in Charleston, South Carolina.

According to Fitsnews, a source close to the Southern Charm producer has said that the blonde beauty wanted more screen time on the show, and that the suit “lacks merit.”


Another piece in Fitsnews documented the domestic violence case against Kestner. Ironically, Dawn Price attended the Domestic Violence fundraiser hosted by Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis and Jennifer Snowden last week, which will be featured on the show.

“Reached for comment the victim, Kestner’s ex-fiancee Dawn Price, told us she did not object to her name being included in our report because she hoped it would help other women recognize – and overcome – ‘battered woman’s syndrome.'”


In a conversation with Price, the Inquisitr was told that she tried her best to find a resolution to the dispute privately with no success.

“I tried to talk to him a couple of times to come up with a quiet, amicable solution. He would have none of it so I was forced to file suit.”

Price suggested that Kestner get a job that would bring in some income (Southern Charm had not panned out financially in the way he thought it would), but without a college degree, he didn’t think he could find a position that would pay him more than $30k, and it would take away from bigger projects like Generalissimo.

Do you think this suit will affect Southern Charm getting a season 4?

[Photo courtesy of Dawn Price]