8-Year-Old Boy Viciously Attacks, Kills 1-Year-Old Girl After Mom Leaves Them Unsupervised To Go Clubbing

An 8-year-old boy is facing murder charges for the brutal death of a 1-year-old girl. According to WAFB News, the little girl — identified as Kelci Lewis — was left without adult supervision inside a home with five other children, ranging from ages 2 to 8.

It has been reported that her mother, Katerra Lewis, left her there so she could enjoy a night out at a Birmingham, Alabama, club with a group of women. Although their names have not been released, the group of women — said to be one of Lewis’ friends, the homeowner, and the mother of the other children — were away from the home from approximately 11:30 p.m. until around 2:00 a.m. However, things took a disturbing turn for the worse when Katerra checked on her daughter hours later.

Birmingham Police Lt. Sean Edwards recently released a statement about the horrific incident, revealing speculative details about the timeline of events that took place. At some point during the hours the children were left unattended, 1-year-old Kelci began crying profusely, and the 8-year-old decided to take matters into his own hands. The 8-year-old murder suspect allegedly beat the little girl to death because she refused to stop crying.

According to CNN, the mothers didn’t immediately check on their children when they returned home. It wasn’t until hours later that Katerra found her daughter unresponsive when she went to check on her in her crib.

“It is believed that while the mother and friend were at the club, the 8-year-old viciously attacked the 1-year-old because the 1-year-old would not stop crying… The 1-year-old suffered from severe head trauma as well as major internal organ damage which ultimately led to her death.

“The sad part is you had an adult mother here who had the audacity to leave her 1-year-old in the custody of several other children at the house and none of those kids were over the age of 8… and so decided to go out to the club for that night, leave those kids there alone and unfortunately an 8-year-old was extremely agitated, it appeared, and really attacked the child.”

Edwards went on to criticize the mother for her actions. According to AL.com, Katerra Lewis is now facing manslaughter charges as a result of her decision to leave her toddler in the custody of several children. However, her attorney, Emory Anthony, is questioning the charges being brought against her, insisting the charges are not conducive for the cited offenses. “The manslaughter statute deals with someone’s action, as far as, acting in the heat of passion or acting in a reckless manner, not a person allowing some other person to act in a dangerous manner,” said Anthony.

But the Birmingham Police Department argues otherwise, and will work to make sure the mother suffers the consequences of her actions, as well. The other disturbing part about the horrific murder is the 8-year-old’s level of violence. Although the investigators are faced with malicious crimes on a daily basis, Lt. Edwards made it quite clear that this particular crime is quite different from most and the child’s alarming anger is quite disturbing.

“No education, no school, no degree, no training can really prepare you for an 8-year-old committing a heinous crime like this… The 8-year-old just recklessly, viciously dealt with the 1-year-old. If you can imagine … the damage that it takes to cause severe blunt trauma to the head and organs, it’s pretty rough.”

The unidentified, 8-year-old murder suspect is currently in the custody of the Department of Human Resources. The 8-year-old is the youngest suspect to ever be charged with murder by the Birmingham Police Department.

[Image via Birmingham Police Department]