‘Scream Queens’ Star Ariana Grande Called ‘Lazy,’ Plus Will The Red Devil Be Revealed In Episode Eight?

Ariana Grande is stirring up more trouble after the actress/singer failed to appear for a booked TV appearance in London. According to Realty Today, the Scream Queen’s star failed to show up for a London interview and was called lazy by the host of the show, Jonathan Ross.

“She was booked but that lazy little f***er has not come,” Ross stated after Grande failed to make an appearance.

While Grande and her reps have yet to officially comment on the matter, this isn’t the first time she has acted in this manner. In fact, in a recent interview with Us Weekly, Grande’s co-star Keke Palmer described her as a “diva,” though she went on to state that she meant it in a good way.

In light of Grande’s recent behavior, it is clear that perhaps Palmer was taking a stab at her fellow co-star. Either way, this doesn’t bode well for Grande and her part in the hit show, which is currently in its first season.

Will the identity of the Red Devil be revealed in episode 8? [Image via Fox]

Meanwhile, aside from Grande’s recent missteps, the Ryan Murphy-created show is currently about halfway finished with its first season. With that in mind, is the show getting ready to reveal the true identity of the Red Devil in the coming episode?

According to Fashion & Style, the latest installment of Scream Queens revealed that Gigi (Nasim Pedrad) is involved with the murders in some way after she was heard talking to one of the killers on the phone. While there may or may not be only one person behind the mask, it is clear that the killer has several accomplices.

That being said, who else is involved in the murders? While some have speculated that Boone (Nick Jonas) might be involved considering his fake death at the hands of the Red Devil early on in the season, others think the mysterious baby that was born in the bathtub of the sorority house might very well be the killer.

Although some of the leading theories point to Grace (Skyler Samuels) or Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin) as being the baby, Breezy Eslin, who plays Jennifer on the show, recently told Cosmopolitan that she thinks that two other characters are involved.

“Right now, I’m going to guess the Red Devils are Hester and Chad,” she stated. “That’s not even considering anything like the secrets that I know — just on the episodes [so far].”

At the same time, the International Business Times is reporting that the upcoming episode will feature Grace and Pete getting closer to discovering the identity of the Red Devil. In particular, the two are set to uncover more about the baby in the bathtub, which might just lead them to the identity of the killer.

'Scream Queens' star Keke Palmer recently called Grande a "diva," but explained she meant it in a good way. [Image via Fox]
'Scream Queens' star Keke Palmer recently called Grande a "diva," but explained she meant it in a good way. [Image via Fox]

Elsewhere, the episode will also feature Jonas making a return after it was thought that his character was killed by the Red Devil at the beginning of the season. Although many of the other characters are sympathetic to his ordeal, Jonas recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly and revealed that he is part of the murderous team.

“I can tell you that he is a part of the team of people involved in this master revenge plan,” the actor stated.

“His history with it goes very, very deep. Boone will return later this season but will look a little different. One of my favorite things is that he’s spying and traveling around the campus dressed incognito as Joaquin Phoenix,” Murphy chimed in.

Fans can tune in and discover if the identity of the Red Devil is finally revealed when the next episode of Scream Queens airs Tuesday night on FOX.

Tell us! Who do you think is the Red Devil on Scream Queens? Let us know in the comments below.

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