Kate Middleton, Prince William Ask Queen For More Date Nights To ‘Put Love First,’ As False Anorexic Rumors Emerge

Even when you’ve been dating for around 12 years and have been married for four, you’ve still got to find time to rekindle you love and keep the fire for one another burning. And, according to reports, that’s exactly what Kate Middleton and Prince William are doing after they asked the Queen to give them more time together.

According to OK! Magazine, via Star Pulse, the Royal duo not only have to ask his grandmother for permission to spend time in each other’s company, but they have asked the head of the monarchy if they can do just that.

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A source for OK! insisted, “[Kate and William] are determined to keep the romance alive and put their love first.”

In order to do just that, they’ve asked Queen Elizabeth II if they can attend as many royal engagements as possible in each other’s company, while they also want to have the same evenings free, too. As you can imagine, the Queen instantly approved of this request from her oldest grand-child.

Over the course of the last month, Kate Middleton and Prince William have attended regular events together. In fact, at the end of September, they attended the Opening Ceremony for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, alongside Prince Harry.

Then, on October 10, they marked World Mental Health Day at an event at Harrow College organized by Mind Charity.

When China’s President Xi arrived in the United Kingdom, Prince William and Kate Middleton also attended a number of gatherings together, one of which included a State Banquet at Buckingham Palace, as well as a showcase at Merlin Entertainment.

Then, during a spate of events that they attended up in Scotland, specifically in Dundee, where they partook in Family Fun Day and an engagement that focussed on the mental wellbeing of young people, Kate Middleton and Prince William visited The University Of Saint Andrews, where they first met. The pair even spent the night there.

The duo have remained just as busy in recent weeks too, visiting charity events at BAFTA and Barnados together, as well as Remembrance Weekend and the premiere for the latest James Bond film, Spectre, too.

Meanwhile, yet another round of false rumors regarding Kate Middleton has been debunked. But rather than insisting that the Duchess Of Cambridge was with child, the latest speculation suggested that Kate Middleton was anorexic.

The National Enquirer insisted that she is secrety battling an eating disorder, with their faux royal source insisting, “She’s suffering big time… Kate’s consulting a leading a British medical expert who is treating her for the early stages of anorexia.”

But all of that has proven to be false, with Gossip Cop confirming, via their own source, that the story was “rubbish.”

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