‘Vanderpump Rules’ Katie Maloney Admits Her Relationship Still Needs Work

Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney is patiently waiting for that engagement ring from Tom Schwartz. On the previous season of Vanderpump Rules, Katie told Tom that he had six months to get his life together and propose, or she would be leaving him behind. On Vanderpump Rules, it has been more than 6 months since she gave him that ultimatum, but she is still standing by his side.

But Tom is getting ready to propose. He wants to do it right, and he does pop the question later this season. When it happened, these Vanderpump Rules stars were eager to share the news on social media. But just because he popped the question doesn’t mean that everything is perfect in their world. Apparently, their relationship still needs some work.

According to a new Bravo report, Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney is now revealing that her relationship still needs a bit of work. Tom needed to work on his commitment to her and their relationship. Even though he didn’t keep that 6-month requirement for Katie, he did end up proposing while filming Vanderpump Rules. And that’s something Katie values highly.

“I have noticed Tom’s commitment to our relationship and our future for a long time now which is why I relaxed and lifted the ultimatum. All I have wanted to see was him reinvest in our relationship and future and seeing that we are on the same page is very reassuring. We both have work to do still but I’m more confident than ever!” she reveals of her boyfriend.

It sounds like Katie and Tom are willing to put in all the work to make it work. But they aren’t the only ones with relationship issues on Vanderpump Rules. Jax Taylor has tried to find that perfect girl for him, and it sounds like it may have worked. Maloney has nothing but love and support for his new relationship with Brittany.

“I love Brittany and knew there was something about her from the moment I met her. She had an air of innocence but also had a lot of sass and could hold her own. I was reluctant to introduce her to Jax but I couldn’t stop him from getting to her. I was nervous about how fast they were moving their relationship but when I noticed Jax really going to distance to be a better boyfriend than I had seen him my worries faded. I think Brittany is the reason for these changes in Jax and I hope to God they last. This is what he has needed,” Vanderpump Rules star Katie explains of Jax’s new relationship.

Of course, one of the major storylines on Vanderpump Rules last night was James Kennedy cheating on Kristen Doute. This relationship started last season after Kristen broke things off with Tom Sandoval. She wanted something new and exciting, but she probably didn’t expect him to cheat on her. Kristen and James are no longer together, and she is already dating someone knew. James started hooking up with Lala, the new server who viewers met on last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules.

According to E! Online, Katie has denied being pregnant several times. Rumors about her being pregnant did start earlier this year, and surfaced again this week. It sounds like she wants people to know that she isn’t pregnant, and may not have any desire to become pregnant while filming Vanderpump Rules. As she has said many times, she wants to get married first.

What do you think of Katie Maloney saying that her relationship still needs some work? Are you excited to see the proposal later this season on Vanderpump Rules?

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