‘Arrow’ Season 4: Stephen Amell Teases Deathstroke Family Member Coming, Constantine Fans Petition CW And Others

Arrow Season 2 utilized Deathstroke, also known as Slade Wilson, as its big bad. Arrow Season 1 setup the connection between Green Arrow and Deathstroke. For those who haven’t seen from Arrow Season 2 on, you know the drill, there are spoilers. Arrow fans haven’t seen Deathstroke since he was trapped on Lien Yu, and subsequently to test the future Red Arrow/Speedy, Thea Queen. Many fans, Deathstroke actor Manu Bennett included, were very disgusted with Season 3’s use of the character in this way. After the last season, most Arrow fans presumed there would be no more Deathstroke in the CW show. While that has not been decided, there is potentially another Wilson coming, Comicbook reports.

Manu Bennett as Deathstroke
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Stephen Amell was being asked the question at the Wizard World convention in Louisville, Kentucky, of who was his favorite Arrow villain. He referenced Slade Wilson/Deathstroke first, stumbled for a little, and then dropped a huge tease for any fan following Arrow Season 4.

“I would say if you are looking for iconic fights there might be a fight coming up with another Wilson. Nobody recorded that, right?”

Deathstroke has quite the lengthy family for comic book character. Joe, Grant, and Rose Wilson are all mentioned at some point or the other in the DC Comic book universe. Both Joe, also called Jericho and Rose Wilson, have carried on into the current swath of DC Comics. The current DC Comics run of Deathstroke brought them into the fray. Prior to the New 52, the Wilson children were part of the Teen Titans. Interestingly enough, there is also a DC Comics arc that has an evil Adeline Kane, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke’s wife, working for H.I.V.E. This could easily show up in Season 4, since the arrival of Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E., however that is less likely.

Rose and Jericho(Joe) Wilson have both shown up a considerable amount of time in the DC Comics universe, but only one of the two makes sense to show up in Arrow Season 4, and that is Joe “Jericho” Wilson. Jericho Wilson was already referenced by his father Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, and is a metahuman. If there would be a Wilson to tango with for Arrow, and possibly The Flash, it would be Jericho Wilson. Not to mention the big upcoming Arrow/The Flash crossover event.

Matt Ryan as John Constantine on CW
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Speaking of big events on Arrow Season 4, one just passed. Constantine and Green Arrow, the long-awaited crossovers as previously reported by the Inquisitr, finally occurred in the Arrow episode Haunted. Constantine fans, with some who were also Arrow fans, were hoping his reappearance into the DCTV universe would catapult him back into his own show or more crossovers. This is despite the fact that Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim has repeatedly insisted Constantine’s appearance was a one and done episode, but that would be the first time they said “No way,” and it happened anyways.

Constantine fans, after the demise of the NBC show, took to Change.org to petition for NBC to reconsider and also throw it out there to other networks. The original Constantine petition, prior to his Arrow appearance, netted somewhere around 30,000 signature over a few weeks. This was also during a time period when the likes of William Shatner and Stephen Amell were helping to push for the shows return.

Since Constantine appeared in Arrow Season 4 episode, in less than a week, it is on its way to 50,000 signatures. This time John Constantine’s fans are reaching out to USA network, CW network, and the rights holder for the NBC reruns, El Rey network.

Constantine fans, under the original Save Constantine banner, managed to get him, his wardrobe, a director, and the NBC Season 1 story background over on Arrow. Who knows what the fans can accomplish next.

What are your thoughts?

Which member of Slade’s family will appear? Will Constantine return to the CW, or another network?

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