Barack Obama’s Immigration Plan Denied, Deemed ‘Unconstitutional’ — Supreme Court Possible Next Step?

President Barack Obama’s immigration plan had been designed to ease the threat of deportation of undocumented aliens living in the United States. It has long been a touchy subject, even so much that Donald Trump, one of 2016’s Republican presidential hopefuls, made a rather controversial statement on the matter.

While Trump had been talking mostly about undocumented Mexican immigrants, his words had set off a wildfire of negative response from Hispanics, civilian and celebrity alike. Donald has since said other things which sparked some backlash from U.S. citizens, but it hasn’t stopped him from persisting in taking over when Obama is forced to leave the coveted seat in the Oval Office.

Some have taken Trump’s side on the issue of illegal and undocumented immigrants, but the issue will not fade quickly. Mexicans are known to come to the United States with the hope of being naturalized and earning more than they could south of the border. Many are trying to take the legal route, working hard to improve their lives.

The undocumented who are trying to earn their “green card” are allegedly the ones who Barack Obama’s immigration plan was aimed at helping. Unfortunately for him and millions of immigrants from across all borders, the courts have blocked the motion.

According to CNN, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Monday that Obama’s program was unconstitutional. Judges had decided that lower courts were right in blocking it, as it allegedly violates the Administrative Procedure Act, a law regulating how such bills can be handled. The individual states lacked the ability to challenge Obama’s executive orders, the ruling stated.

Does this mean that President Obama and Donald Trump are set to be rivals over immigration laws? No, in fact, the president stated that Trump has tapped into something “genuine,” as previously reported by the Inquisitr, but he won’t be president.

We will all need to wait until the 2016 presidential election results are in before we know if President Obama was correct in his assumption.

Some are not happy about President Barack Obama’s immigration plan being blocked. One such person is Karen Tumlin of the National Immigration Law Center.

She said, “We urge the [Department of Justice] to immediately ask the Supreme Court to review this erroneous decision.”

DOJ spokesperson Patrick Rodenbush also feels the ruling against Barack Obama’s immigration plan should be overturned.

“The Department of Justice disagrees with the Fifth Circuit’s adverse ruling on the appeal from the district court’s preliminary injunction.

“The Department is committed to taking steps that will resolve the immigration litigation as quickly as possible in order to allow DHS (Department of Homeland Security) to bring greater accountability to our immigration system by prioritizing the removal of the worst offenders, not people who have long ties to the United States and who are raising American children.”

According to MSNBC, Texas Governor Greg Abbott agrees with the ruling, saying, “President Obama should abandon his lawless executive amnesty program and start enforcing the law today.”

This could be a major blow to President Barack Obama’s immigration plan, which had been his key second-term initiative. His biggest goal now lies in the hands of the Supreme Court, but Obama has maybe a year to get it going.

Judge Carolyn Dineen King has added that the people in charge of immigration are running on limited resources at best, and easing the threat of deportation would also ease the pressure involved with the process.

“Although there are approximately 11.3 million removable aliens in this country today, for the last several years Congress has provided the Department of Homeland Security with only enough resources to remove approximately 400,000 of those aliens per year.”

Do you think President Barack Obama should bring his immigration plan to the Supreme Court in a last-chance effort to set it in motion?

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