Louis Tomlinson: Why Is Baby Talk Banned By One Direction Star?

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is due to become a father in the New Year. As most of the world knows by now, Tomlinson is said to be headed to fatherhood after Briana Jungwirth was revealed to be pregnant with Louis’ baby. The pregnancy is the result of a brief liaison between Tomlinson and L.A.-based stylist, Jungwirth, after they met during One Direction’s recently completed “On The Road Again” tour.

Ever since the news about Tomlinson’s impending fatherhood broke, many fans have been in denial. Rumor and speculation has been king when it comes to baby Tomlinson. Some of Louis fans claim that Briana’s pregnancy is fake. As previously reported in Inquisitr, others claim that Jungwirth is pregnant, but insist that Louis is not the father. Some One Direction fans even claim that Briana is acting as a surrogate mother so that Louis and Harry Styles can have a baby of their own.

Some weeks ago, it was reported in Inquisitr that Dan Wootton, a columnist for British tabloid the Sun, wrote a piece claiming that One Direction’s temporary split was in reality a permanent split, and controversially, Wootton claimed that a major fall-out between Styles and Tomlinson was the main reason for the break-up. Wootton claimed that Harry and Louis are barely on speaking terms and that their enmity goes back as far as 2012.

To be fair to Wootton, he does have a strong history of being the first to break major stories about One Direction. It was his piece that broke the first news of a forthcoming split, a story that many One Direction fans refused to believe until the band themselves confirmed the truth of the story.

Many of Tomlinson’s fans were outraged at Wootton’s claims, and so, it seems, was One Direction. As a result, Louis joined Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Harry Styles to give an in depth interview to the Sun. Whilst Louis and his pals were quick to grasp the opportunity to put the record straight about their forthcoming hiatus, it seems that the interview has thrown up as many questions as it answers.

The Sun claim that questions about Liam Payne’s recent illness that caused the first ever cancellation of a One Direction show were strictly off-limits. So, too, were questions about Tomlinson’s baby.

Journalists claim that they were warned that the interview would be terminated if any questions about Baby Tomlinson were asked. Louis was more than happy to talk about how hard he had been hit by Zayn Malik quitting One Direction, but he flat refuses to discuss becoming a dad. Louis has remained steadfastly tight-lipped about baby Tomlinson, though, according to the Mirror, he did say on Good Morning America that he was “excited” by the prospect of becoming a father.

If Tomlinson is so excited, why on earth will he not talk about it? Most expectant fathers would happily bore you to death talking about their babies, but it seems that the subject is totally taboo for Tomlinson. Of course, the more that Louis refuses to talk about Briana, baby Tomlinson, and the future, the more convinced fans become that he has something to hide.

Since the news of Briana’s pregnancy was made public, she and Louis have not been photographed together. Briana did attend some of One Direction’s recent shows in London, where she was snapped spending time with Louis’ mom and sister. After that show, Briana was nowhere to be seen as Louis went off partying with a group of female friends.

Many of Louis’ fans are suspicious about his continued silence over baby Tomlinson. The fact that the subject is strictly off-limits to journalists will raise those suspicions higher. It may be that Tomlinson just wants to hold on to whatever little piece of privacy he has left, or that Louis simply doesn’t want to detract from the release of One Direction’s fifth album in a few days.

What do you think about Louis Tomlinson’s continued silence. Does Louis have something to hide?

[Photo by Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images]