Kristen Doute Talks Cheating: ‘James Did His Homework And Knew Exactly How To Play Me’

Kristen Doute has been through quite the relationship drama on Vanderpump Rules, especially when it comes to Tom Sandoval. It is no secret that she cheated on Tom with Jax Taylor, but she wanted to prove that Tom cheated first. It has been a few years since they broke up, and Tom has moved on with Ariana Madix. And while he is happy, Kristen is still trying to find a man for her.

These days, Kristen Doute is dating a man named Brian Carter who isn’t on Vanderpump Rules. On the show, she is reliving her breakup with James Kennedy, and on last night’s episode, she caught him cheating. After Scheana Marie’s birthday party, Kennedy decided to go home with another woman – not Kristen. He had no plans of telling her, but his Uber receipt caught him in his lie. Clearly, Kristen was hurt, and she is now revealing how she felt at the time, as she didn’t know whether he was lying or not.

According to a new Bravo report, Kristen Doute is now revealing that she was shocked to find James cheating after Scheana Marie’s party. Kristen thought that Kennedy really wanted to be with her, but he chose to go home with someone else. It was discovered after James had an Uber receipt emailed to him, which Kristen saw. At the time, Doute tried to believe everything he was saying.

“At the time, I didn’t really have a reason not to believe James and DAMN his story was convincing. There was a slight doubt in my mind, but I blamed myself for that because of the mistakes I had made (and lies I had told) in past relationships. James did his homework and knew exactly how to play me. Watching the episode back I felt naive and betrayed. To hear him compliment Jenna at the after party the way that he did, as I sat there, and then brag about ‘boning’ her while I stupidly took him back was beyond humiliating,” Kristen reveals when asked by Bravo about her initial reaction.

It was actually Scheana Marie who helped her find out what happened. It sounds like Scheana wanted to help her friend after learning that Kennedy had cheated on her. And as soon as she saw the receipt, she contacted Kristen Doute to inform her that James didn’t go home the night of her party. Instead, he cheated with a girl who was also at the party.

“When Scheana had first called me about James’ Uber receipt, we both went into detective mode because we both felt like we were being lied to – by Jenna and by James. Understandably, she didn’t want to accept that her friend would lie to her that way. After I broke up with James at the restaurant, Scheana still refused to believe that something had happened between them although James was caught red handed. She was still being lied to by both and assumed that James gave in to my accusations because I would never accept that ‘nothing happened’. Let me clarify I never called Scheana a ‘rude b***h’, but I WAS frustrated with her for pigeonholing me and thought it was a rude and b***hy thing to say to me,” Doute explains.

Doute has introduced her new boyfriend on social media. According to Yahoo TV, Kristen recently underwent facial reconstructive surgery to fix multiple orbital socket fractures, which had happened earlier. She revealed that her boyfriend, Carter, was ready to be by her side when she went in for surgery.

What do you think of Kristen Doute’s thoughts about the cheating scandal? Are you surprised he cheated?

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