WWE Live Tour UK: Wayne Rooney Slaps Wade Barrett During 'Monday Night RAW'

Nine months after football star Wayne Rooney and WWE star Wade Barrett had a Twitter feud, the two came face to face during the ongoing WWE roadshow in the UK. At the Manchester Arena on Monday night, Barrett and Rooney came close to a fistfight. Rooney, who was at ringside accompanied by his son, managed to slap the six-foot-seven Wade on the face, reports BBC News.

The feud between the two had a rather long build up and dates back to February 2015 when Wade Barrett accused Rooney of diving to win a penalty in an FC Cup match played between Manchester United and Preston North End. Barrett had even challenged Rooney to a tag-team match back then. We have embedded the tweets from Barrett and Rooney's reply to him below.

This was Wayne's response to the post.

After this, Barrett challenged Rooney for a match at Wrestlemania 31.

On Monday, Barrett, who claims to be a Preston fan, started throwing digs at Rooney after he spotted Wayne sitting in the front row along with his son Kai. He once again challenged Rooney for a fight and said he did not want to embarrass Rooney in front of his son. He also ridiculed Rooney and told him his son is embarrassed every time Rooney steps on a football pitch.

Later, it was Rooney's turn, who started to taunt Irish wrestler Sheamus in the midst of a fight between Sheamus and Antonio Cesaro. That is when Barrett confronted Rooney again and prodded the footballer in the chest. The five-foot-nine Rooney looked tiny compared to the six-foot-seven Barrett, but he was able to respond to the prod with a tight slap. Barrett did his part well and was seen slumping to the ground as the crowd roared in delight. In the meantime, a distracted Sheamus lost his match to Cesaro. We have embedded the video of the entire incident above.

Later, in an interview to WWE.com, Barrett told Rooney's days are numbered.

"If he wants to come to my home and start trouble then I'm going to go to his home of Old Trafford and settle this once and for all," he said.

This was followed up by a tweet.

The taunts continued to come even later in a second tweet.

"Does anyone have Phil Bardsley's phone number?" Barrett asks.

For those unaware, this was a direct reference to a video in which Rooney was seen knocked out by Phil earlier this year.

Rooney in the meantime chose not to respond further to Barrett's tweets and tweeted that he had a "great time" at WWE with his son.

At this time, it remains unclear if WWE plans to continue this feud further. However, looking at the long history of the near nine-month-long build up to this rivalry, we believe we would be seeing more instances of confrontation between Wade Barrett and Wayne Rooney in the days to come. What do you think?

[Image via YouTube]