Miranda Lambert Celebrates 32nd Birthday With Colorful Unicorn, Special Friends, And A Huge Smile On Her Face

Miranda Lambert has been through a tough year with her surprising divorce from Blake Shelton, but it looks like things are starting to look up for her with a little help from her friends. The country superstar turned 32 on November 10, and she got a magical treat to help her celebrate her special day. She came face to face with a unicorn the day before her birthday.

Yes, the birthday girl hopped on the colorful creature to ride on, and there are pictures to prove it. Lambert took to Instagram to post a few photos of her birthday surprise that her special friends helped her with. She was seen riding a black and white pony that was painted in the colors of the rainbow, complete with a pink horn to look like a unicorn.

It was obvious how thrilled Miranda Lambert was, as she has a huge smile on her face and laughing. From the message that she wrote, it sounds like they all got together the day before her birthday to paint the pony to resemble a unicorn.

“Never too old to ride a unicorn… And thank God for friends that spend the day with you painting your pony! #32tomorrow #bd #unicronsarereal #sophie #gypsyvanner #glitter #reallifelisafrank”

Miranda Lambert celebrates with a unicorn. (Photo by Miranda Lambert Instagram)

In addition to pastel colors, the animal had a rainbow painted on it and also the number 32. Miranda enjoyed the day celebrating with her friends and loving on her unicorn. Despite her split from Shelton, it looks like she is getting through day by day and starting to get her life back on track as a single lady.

Just a few days ago, Lambert had another early celebration in the form of a CMA award. The “Little Red Wagon” singer won Female Vocalist of the Year, which was the sixth year in a row she has grabbed this title. She also performed her new tune called “Bathroom Sink,” as reported by Taste of Country, and she nailed it.

Miranda Lambert performs at CMA's. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

However, her sadness seemed to show just a little bit while she was on stage. News had just come out that her ex is officially dating Gwen Stefani, which made it a little bit awkward as Blake Shelton was sitting just a few rows away from his ex-wife. But Miranda Lambert came out on top that night. She looked amazing in a long black dress with pink strands in her hair.

The day after her win at the CMAs, Miranda shared her gratefulness, and her love for animals, in another Instagram photo in which she was seen nuzzling up to a horse.

“‘Horse Power’….. I’m still floating around on a cloud from last night. Thank you so much @cma for celebrating country music in a big way and for letting me be part of it. Today was a day spent reflecting on this amazing life that Nashville and country music fans have given me. And my friends. I’m so grateful.”

She has a love for horses, dogs, her friends, and, of course, unicorns. The country girl mentions the magical creatures quite a bit and even posted a photo recently of her unicorn mug. Lambert seems to have an infatuation with them, and her birthday wish came true when she was able to hop on and ride one as well.

What will today bring for her? Are more unicorns in her future? However she chooses to spend her special day, Miranda Lambert will appreciate all of the birthday wishes from her fans, as well as her fellow country music singers. She is sure to get plenty of love as she celebrates turning 32.

Happy birthday, Miranda Lambert! May your day be filled with magical creatures, lots of birthday cake, and plenty of fun.

[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]