WWE News: Finn Balor Teases Huge Role At ‘Survivor Series’

On WWE Raw last night, the WWE had an opportunity to blow the roof off the place. For the last several months, Finn Balor has quickly become the most popular WWE NXT superstar. His inevitable debut on the main roster is coming, and the WWE fans are anxiously awaiting his appearance. Each week, his first night inches closer. The anticipation is growing.

The opportunity the WWE blew was not involving Finn Balor in that last segment with Undertaker and Kane. Sure, the Brothers of Destruction don’t need any help getting a huge pop from the fans. However, here’s the opposite of the coin: the United Kingdom is a “mark” city, and that crowd was on fire on Monday.

Finn Balor Demon WWE
Finn Balor as the Demon. (Image YouTube)

Anytime the WWE is in a “mark” crowd, they need to capitalize on having five-star matches or bringing “internet darlings” to ignite the crowd. It was also a taped show. Once the word got out that Finn Balor debuted on WWE Raw, it would’ve broke records for ratings.

Even though Balor wasn’t apart of WWE Raw, there’s a chance he could make his highly-anticipated debut very soon. According to Ringside News, Finn Balor teased something big on the horizon.

“One of our readers that attended Friday’s WWE NXT Panel in London mentioned that NXT Champion Finn Balor teased that he might show up at Survivor Series to help Kane and The Undertaker battle The Wyatt Family. This should only be taken as a rumor, and Balor may have been just joking around.

As of last week, the plan was for Undertaker and Kane to face The Wyatt Family in a handicap match at the annual event.”

The Undertaker is the Phenom. Kane is portraying his Demon character. All Balor has to do is work with the “Demon” persona that he made famous in WWE NXT. That would leave the Brothers of Destruction with one person left to fill the gap. Balor, Taker, and Kane can’t wrestle the Wyatt Family 3-on-4. That’s where Sting comes in.

This all depends on if he’s healthy enough to compete. Sting would become a great partner for Balor, Kane, and Taker. All that said, Balor needs to come out of that match looking like the “next big thing.” The WWE hasn’t had one of those in quite a while, so it’s time to create one. As for Sting, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and Wrestling Inc. are reporting that it’s still unknown who will team with the Brothers of Destruction.

“The Wrestling Observer Newsletter indicates this week that Sting could be a option is he’s able to wrestle after the injuries he suffered at Night of Champions. It’s possible the match ends up being 2-on-4 elimination style with Kane and Taker vs. Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman.”

That last sentence is one that WWE fans won’t want to see. Think about the repercussions it will have on Bray Wyatt, the Wyatt Family, and the momentum of a future WWE champion if they lose to Taker and Kane in a two-on-four Elimination match. That would absolutely kill the momentum for the young WWE stars.

Undertaker Kane WWE
The Undertaker and Kane square-off in brother vs. brother. [Image via Youtube.com]

Kane and Taker don’t need to win to be over. The reaction they got on WWE Raw in Manchester, England, was outrageous. However, there’s one problem with Finn Balor teaming up with Kane and Undertaker: He cannot lose his in-ring debut. Unlike Tyler Breeze on WWE Raw, Finn Balor is too valuable to screw up. Therefore, a Finn Balor debut at Survivor Series makes perfect sense, but he cannot lose. The WWE has a big decision to make.

[Image via WWE.com]