‘World Of Warcraft’ Mage, Priest, and Paladin Featured In Latest ‘Legion’ Class Preview

Legion may be months away from release but that is not stopping the incoming details on the next World of Warcraft expansion. Plenty of new details on the expanded transmogrification system, the new challenge modes, the upcoming zones, and much more have been revealed during BlizzCon 2015. Even though the event is over, Blizzard Entertainment is still providing details on what will change when Legion releases. This week, the developer is posting brief overviews of how each class and its specializations will change when the expansion finally releases. Today, players got a glimpse at what is to come for Priests, Mages, and Paladins.

The healing and damage dealing roles that belong to World of Warcraft Priests are getting quite a revamp. According to the post on Battle.net, Holy Priests will no longer have to fumble around with Chakras and they no longer have access to any shadow spells. Miraculous heals with long cooldowns are now common to the Holy Priest with new passives lowering the cooldown of powerful spells when spells with shorter cooldowns are utilized. Shadow Priests are foregoing use of mana and will instead use Insanity as a resource. At max Insanity, Shadow Priests’ Shadowform will transform into Voidform altering the Priest’s shadow spells into potent void spells.

An Undead Shadow Priest in World of Warcraft [Image via Blizzard Entertainment]

Finally, the Discipline Priests of World of Warcraft will still enjoy both holy and shadow spells in Legion. Atonement works a little differently, as Penance can now be cast while moving without a glyph, and a passive gives Smite and Mind Blast a chance to reset the cooldown of Penance. Moreover, World of Warcraft developers noted on the official Warcraft developer Twitter account that the Weakened Soul debuff associated with Power World: Shield is being removed.

As master of elemental damage, Mages in World of Warcraft can specialize in Arcane, Fire, and Frost. Arcane Mages will now enjoy a Mastery that lets them grow their mana pool, Fire Mages should have more control over Heating Up, and Frost Mages will no longer have to worry about Frostfire Bolt. Additionally, Frost Mages will enjoy Frozen Orb as a core ability in Legion with a Water Elemental still by their side. As pointed out on WoWhead.com, Frost Mages will still enjoy Icy Veins and its Haste boost. Be sure to visit the official class preview on the official website for all the Mage details.

World of Warcraft
A Blood Elf Fire Mage in World of Warcraft [Image via Blizzard Entertainment]

Last in line for Monday’s class previews are Paladins in World of Warcraft. These light-wielding soldiers can choose between Holy, Protection, and Retribution specializations, and in Legion, each specialization is adhering to its namesake much better. Holy Paladins will excel at healing allies, especially those nearby to the Paladin. Beacon of Light is still crucial to a Holy Paladin’s kit with a new passive talent option to increase healing to allies near the Beacon. As for Protection Paladins, they will no longer have to manage Holy Power. Instead, Protection Paladin abilities now utilize cooldowns. A new talent option gives Protection Paladins a Blessed Hammer ability inspired by the Crusader in Diablo III.

The last specialization for Paladins is Retribution. This damage dealing option focuses more on short-range attacks rather than the longer distance they are using right now. Retribution Paladins will still use Holy Power, and they even have a new Retribution-specific talent option that lets them throw a holy blade at an enemy only to later teleport to the blade for more damage. The full Paladin preview can be found on Battle.net.

World of Warcraft
A Draenei Holy Paladin in World of Warcraft [Image via Blizzard Entertainment]

The second day of the Class Preview Series brings the number of classes discussed to four. There are still seven World of Warcraft classes to cover before all specializations are covered before Legion releases. Thankfully, Blizzard is rolling out these class previews quickly over the next week. Yesterday, the Hunter and its sweeping changes were announced. As the Inquisitr reported, Beast Mastery Hunters will use a lot more Dire Beast to summon multiple companions, Survival Hunters will be the only ones able to use traps and melee, and Marksmanship Hunters will enjoy a little solidarity with no pet and powerful ranged attacks.

The sixth World of Warcraft expansion is scheduled to release in the summer of 2016. Legion will not only change the classes in a major way but it will also introduce a new transmogrification system, allow players to level to 110, and offer up a new artifact weapon for all the game’s specializations. New dungeons, new raids, and new leveling scaling technology are also a part of the $50 expansion. Not to mention, Legion will finally introduce Demon Hunters as a playable class. Blood Elves and Night Elves are the only races that can be Demon Hunters, and the class will start at an elevated level like the Death Knight did.

[Image via Blizzard Entertainment]