WWE News: ESPN To Break More WWE Stories In Future

It appears that a fresh news outlet will cover the WWE more often. After agreeing to a new partnership, the WWE and ESPN are in a working relationship. Jonathan Coachmen, former-WWE reporter and current-ESPN anchor, was the man behind the deal between the two companies. Not only is he bringing on WWE superstars to appear on their nightly-WWE segment, but he’s also breaking news.

WWE fans saw that and immediately began to assume that Coachman is paid to break stories for World Wrestling Entertainment. Coachman saw those comments and came back with a blunt response:

As the WWE gets deeper into its partnership with ESPN, expect more stories to be covered by the sports-news conglomerate. According to Cageside Seats and F4WOnline.com, the WWE could use ESPN to break more news in the future.

“Court Bauer noted recently that we can expect ESPN to break more big WWE stories and WWE to credit them for as such, like with the Seth Rollins injury news. Bryan Alvarez mentioned the same at F4W Online, saying it’s a part of the new relationship between the two sides.”

There are countless opinions on the penultimate partnership. One is that ESPN shouldn’t be covering “fake sports.” Another portion of the fanbase believes it’s great for the WWE, since the ratings are hitting record-lows. No matter what anyone says, ESPN is still the world’s leader in sports. In the last few years, though, the company’s credibility has decreased.

Brock Lesnar on ESPN SportsCenter. (Image Youtube)

ESPN is focused on covering entertainment, rather than sports. That’s a fair justification, because ESPN doesn’t utilize all of its assets like it used to. For example, it’s often found that ESPN reports on something Caitlin Jenner does, rather than report on something Outside The Lines would cover. That’s the difference from 2015 to 2004.

Jim Ross, legendary-WWE announcer, commented on the relationship last month.

“Smart move by WWE aligning with ESPN. Creates awareness to a new, sports centric audience and may entice displaced fans, and there are plenty of those out there, back to the brand.”

It’s a win-win situation for the WWE. While the ratings are horrid at this point, they are cashing in on the great PR by ESPN. At this point, they need everything they can get. WWE’s situation is really bad, and nobody is sure how to fix it. The easiest part is to point fingers and place blame from the top. Vince McMahon makes all the decisions, but if he realized he was the problem, McMahon would’ve stepped down from his creative position a long time ago.

The problem is the writing and how they are booking stars. ESPN can host WWE superstars all it wants, but that won’t help the WWE on WWE Raw or at any pay-per-view. On Monday’s edition of Raw, Tyler Breeze lost his in-ring debut on the main roster. He was one of the best wrestler in WWE NXT, but he can’t win his in-ring debut. Couldn’t he have been booked better?

Tyler Breeze WWE Raw
Tyler Breeze and Hideo Itami at WWE NXT. (Image YouTube)

It’s the little things that trigger the WWE Universe and the fans’ decision to watch or not. Without Seth Rollins, a portion of the WWE Universe won’t tune in every week. Unless the WWE does something different, new and unique, it will remain a recycled storyline of the past. That’s not a critique of the product, as the WWE is still enjoyable. Things could be changed to enhance the product.

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