Lorena Bobbitt Resurfaces in New Steve Harvey Interview

Lorena Bobbitt has resurfaced 23 years after she became famous for cutting her husband’s penis off. Us Magazine shared that Lorena did an interview with Steve Harvey, in which she revealed how life is for her now and talked about the abuse that she went through that caused Bobbitt to cut off her husband’s penis. Following years of domestic abuse, Lorena cut off the penis of her husband at the time, John Bobbitt. She used a kitchen knife to do it while he slept and Lorena later said that it was because of infidelity and abuse she had dealt with for years.

Physicians were actually able to reconnect his penis and Lorena was ultimately acquitted for her actions, pleading temporary insanity. John Bobbitt actually tried to contact her several times since, but Lorena shared that she didn’t answer and deleted his number. After the experience, John Bobbitt starred in a couple of adult films.

Now, Lorena Bobbitt is speaking out to help domestic violence victims. Loren Bobbitt has moved on and is now married to a new man by the name of Dave Bellinger. The married couple have a daughter together. Lorena shared about moving on.

“I mean, you know, I have my life. I have a new life now and I just want to focus on what is positive and I surrounded myself with positive people.”

After that Lorena Bobbitt went on to explain what she is doing now. Lorena has started an organization called Lorena’s Red Wagon and explained this project to Steve Harvey.

“It basically helps women and children through family oriented activities. I can provide for them. When a victim leaves the house, they don’t have time to pack. They just have the first opportunity to leave… If any child in the shelter has a birthday, we bring cakes… I want to bring hope to women and children of domestic abuse, and that’s what we do.”

Lorena Bobbitt joined the show as part of a special titled, “Where Are They Now?” Bobbitt said she does realize that her story has a bit of humor, which was fine with her. Steve Harvey told her that he felt like what she did was out of desperation to defend herself. Steve Harvey isn’t a fan of people who abuse others, and totally seemed to get it.

Steve Harvey actually went to his Instagram before the show to make sure everyone knew that he would be talking to Lorena Bobbitt. He said, “On Monday’s show, I’m talking to #LorenaBobbitt about her life since the incident. You do NOT want to miss this interview.”

Steve Harvey on his Instagram
Steve Harvey from Instagram

People went on to share more about what Lorena Bobbitt had to say when she sat down with Steve Harvey. According to the report, her new husband never brings up the incident with John Bobbitt. He doesn’t seem to tease Lorena about it or seem to fear that she would do the same to him at some point. Lorena said that her new husband, “is a gentleman. He treats me like he’s supposed to.”

It really does appear that Lorena Bobbitt is doing well years after the shocking incident. Lorena has stayed out of the spotlight, but Steve Harvey was able to get her to come out for one more interview. Are you shocked to see that Lorena Bobbitt spoke out after all these years? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite]