George H. W. Bush To Star In Documentary About His Life

George H.W. Bush

George H.W. Bush is set to star in an HBO Documentary, titled 41, which will detail the events of his life.

Bush Sr., 41st President of the United States and father of the now infamous 43rd President George W. Bush, discusses his life through interviews, alongside film and video clips, in the documentary set to aon HBO, according to USA Today. The documentary will cover the former president’s upbringing in Maine and Connecticut, and follows Bush Sr. through his experiences as a fighter pilot for the U.S. Navy in World War II, his building of an oil business in Texas, his time as chairman of the Republican party during the Watergate scandal, up to and beyond his 1989-1993 Presidential term, during which the United States took on Saddam Hussein in round one of the War in Iraq and the Soviet Union collapsed.

Other Bush Sr. moments covered include his time as ambassador to China, his tenure as Vice President to Ronald Reagan, and his experience skydiving for his 85th birthday in 2009 (which he will evidently do again to celebrate turning 90). Other family members will show up in the documentary as well, including Bush Jr.

Bush Sr. is usually fairly reticent and initially refused offers for the documentary, according to CBS, but relented when contacted directly by the film’s director, writer, and producer, Jeffrey Roth. After discussing the proposed documentary through email, Bush Sr. confessed to being “intrigued” by the idea.

Roth had the following to say regarding the film: “We had this unique opportunity to be with him to tell the story in his own words, which historically has not been done before…and yet to try to get him to talk about himself for somebody who doesn’t like to talk about himself was very difficult to do.”

The documentary has already been screened for the Bush family, who according to Roth “seemed to enjoy it.”

The documentary premiers on HBO tonight at 9PM Eastern Time, and is set to continue showing throughout the month.