November 9, 2015
Sharon Osbourne Responds To 'Face Shaming' Reports

Sharon Osbourne was the subject of plastic surgery rumors over the weekend. Call it a slow news weekend or a typical weekend for the vicious British tabloids.

Sharon Osbourne took to her CBS talk show The View on Monday, November 9 to address the rumors that claim she had more work done to her face. On the daytime talk show, the 63-year-old said that she's become a victim of "face shaming." Osbourne has been very open about her cosmetic surgery procedures in the past. The former reality star has admitted that she's had Botox injections, an eye lift, a gastric band, and a tummy tuck.

"Firstly, it must have been a really slow news day. They get you when you're doing a ridiculous face, and they catch you in that one second."
Sharon didn't appear to be fazed by the British reports. In fact, the former The Osbournes star made a joke to Entertainment Tonight backstage when one of the reports claimed she's been looking "puffy" lately.
"The word puffy? How dare they say I look puffy! It's just silliness. You can't take it seriously."
She even addressed the odd choice of words on the talk show. Osbourne said, "Puffy? I don't pay all this money for them to say 'puffy.' How dare they? They can say 'line-free' but never 'puffy.'"

Sharon then explained that the pictures were not only taken out of context, but were also shot at unflattering angle while making an appearance at the City of Hope 2015 Spirit of Life Gala over the weekend.

"And it's like thank you for spelling my name right, but it's to show you guys how they can take one picture of a fraction of a second where you look silly or whatever they say – puffy, ridiculous – and they try and spin a story."
The famous wife of Ozzy Osbourne joked that she was upset that her breasts were not front and center in the photos. Her co-host Sara Gilbert joked that everyone already knows that they're fake. Sheryl Underwood went on to joke about Sharon Osbourne's plastic surgeries.

Sharon Osbourne
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Sharon has said on The Talk in 2012 that she would not go under the knife after recovering from colon cancer and having a double mastectomy in the past few years.

"No more, because I have been looking at pictures of myself recently since I started to lose weight. And in a lot of shots, my face looks plastic and at certain angles I was like, 'Oh dear. Oh, I should never have done that. Oh, that's a bad one.' So I'm like, 'No more. No more abuse.'"
So, about the British tabloids in question. It appears that both The Daily Mail and The Mirror were poking fun at Sharon Osoburne's face in their reports published on Friday, November 6. The Mirror questioned, "What has she done? Sharon Osbourne looks permanently startled after years of Botox," while The Daily Mail says that Osbourne's plastic surgeries procedures have taken a toll on her appearance.

Sharon attended the Spirit of Life Gala in Santa Monica, California, on Thursday night with her daughter Kelly Osbourne. She made an appearance in a sheer black dress with black tiny dots, underneath a black feather cape. Sharon complemented her dark and moody look with thick groomed eyebrows, black kohl eyeliner, and light pink lips. Rachael Moon of The Mirror went on to claim that Sharon also had her lips plumped recently, as if it were fact.

Sharon Osbourne
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Meanwhile, the anonymous folks at the The Daily Mirror said that Sharon Osbourne looked unrecognizable at her latest red carpet appearance, hinting that she may have gone under the knife. The British celebrity gossip site agreed that Osbourne's lips looked plumper than usual, along with her face. It was written that her face looked so tight and taut that she looked surprised on the red carpet. The MailOnline reporter also added that Osbourne's face looked "mysteriously smooth and notably puffy," which was noticeable at the event.

What are your thoughts on Sharon Osbourne's response to the "face shaming" reports? Do you think they were uncalled for? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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