California Woman Finds Corpse Of ‘Alien Creature’ In Her Backyard — Slimy Pink Creature Fell From California UFO, Alien Hunters Say

Photos of a weird-looking, slimy, pink creature first uploaded to Facebook have sparked speculations online that aliens may have landed after a mysterious blue-white “UFO” light appeared in the skies over Southern California. A California woman claimed she found the mysterious creature in her backyard just after the UFO sighting on Saturday that spread panic in Los Angeles.

San Jose, California, resident, Gianna Peponis posted the image to her Facebook page, claiming that just after the “UFO” sighting on Saturday night, she heard a scream in her backyard at about 11:30 a.m. She went outside and found the corpse of a mysterious slimy pink creature.

“I wasn’t gonna post this,” she said, “but I can’t stop trying to figure out wtf this thing is. I heard something scream at like 11.30 last night and went out on my side yard and found this thing. It was dead when I found it…”

After Peponis posted images of the “creature” to Facebook, they were reposted to Reddit with the caption, “Friend found this outside her house. WTF indeed.”

Strange 'Alien Creature' Found In San Jose Backyard
Weird Alien Creature Found In California Backyard (Image via Gianna Peponis/Facebook)

Redditors held a prolonged debate session, trying to guess what the creature might be. Many said it was “clearly an alien,” an “alien infant,” or an “alien facehugger.”

Alien and UFO enthusiasts did not waste time linking the timing with the sighting of the “mysterious bright blue light UFO” over California, saying that the creature was a dead alien astronaut that dropped from the UFO as it crashed to Earth after streaking across Southern California skies on Saturday.

UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring said, “This odd creature is a newborn and was found right after the giant blue UFO shot across the California sky. Its widely known that aliens have in the past done experiments with human/alien hybrids. This could be a failed experiment of that.”

“Aliens have in the past done experiments with human/alien hybrids. This could be a failed experiment of that.”

UFO enthusiasts accused the government of a cover-up, saying that the bright light cone was actually an alien UFO and that the slimy corpse in the California backyard was the proof.

“In Southern California everybody noticed a bright weird light. The government tried to tell everybody it’s a testing of a missile launching. And now ppl in San Jose, CA are seeing dead aliens laying around and Facebook deleting it every time somebody mentions it.”

Some alien hunters accused Facebook of helping the government to cover up evidence that aliens were falling from the California UFO by deleting photos of aliens found dead and uploaded to the social media.

“This came from the UFO in California!”

“It’s clearly an alien.”

“This came from the UFO in California!”

“This is going around facebook as the alien from Saturday’s UFO.”

“Definitely a facehugger.”

Others suggested it could be a mutant beast or a cryptid.

“A chupacabra for sure!”

“I don’t know what the **** that is. If your friend is brave enough to remove it from their property, remind them to salt the ground afterwards. Nothing good can ever happen there now.”

“I think it [the animal] probably has a genetic defect, or maybe suffered unusual circumstances in the womb giving the fetus congenital birth defects.”

But many social media users suggested it could be the aborted fetus of a hoofed animal, such as a deer. A social media user, who linked to photos of deer fetuses for comparison, said the mysterious creature was probably an aborted deer fetus partly eaten by animal scavengers.

“It’s half of a deer fetus which has been chewed on by scavengers/predators. For reference here is what an intact deer fetus looks like, imagine if you cut the back end and part of its nose off.”

“Sometimes when mother deer/cattle are in fight or flight situations they will evacuate their uterus to allow for a quicker escape.”

“Hoofed animals can freak out and ‘drop’ a fetus, amniotic sack and all, when scared. Or maybe it was a still birth.”

The most unusual suggestion was that it could be “remnants of a roast chicken.”

Social media users who suggested it was the remains of the aborted fetus of a hoofed animal half-eaten by scavengers are likely right. The slimy pink body of the creature looks like a partially developed fetus expelled prematurely from the womb.

But online debaters could not agree what species of animal it was.

[Image via Gianna Peponis/Facebook]