Obama Dinner With Celebrity Contest

President Barack Obama is either oblivious of the backlash his celebrity-infused commercials and fundraisers have caused or feels the monetary benefits outweigh the mocking headlines. Obama is now hosting a “pick your own star” contest as a campaign fundraiser, the Washington Post reports. A mass email sent to Democratic supporters earlier today offers donors a chance to win “Dinner with Barack” and a celebrity of their choosing.

The president is “banking on elite entertainers to help so often they have essentially become a cast of characters in his campaign,” The Huffington Post reports. Reaching out to Hollywood so often in the race for campaign cash could result in “peril,” according to the news organization. The economy appears to be taking a backseat to fundraising, bolstering claims by political foes that Obama is an elitist and out-of-touch with mainstream America.

President Obama has been on quite a star-studded tour during his re-election campaign. His coffers should be over flowing after the George Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker and Marc Anthony hosted fundraisers. Tonight the president and Michelle Obama will be dining at Sarah Jessica Parker’s New York City home accompanied by at least 50 donors who have contributed at east $40,000 to the re-election campaign. After a delicious dinner with the actress and the president, it is on to the Plaza Hotel for a Mariah Carey concert for $10 thousand donors. Last month Obama’s campaign earned approximately $15 million from the Clooney fundraiser, according to the Washington Post.

Michelle Obama told Entertainment Tonight that “this is going to be a close one, so we welcome any and everyone who wants to step up,” in response to the negative comments about the numerous celebrity events, according to excerpts from the interview republished by the Washington Post. The president is running out of time to excite his base to the degree he achieved during his initial run for office.