New Lil Wayne Art Raid Details Emerge, $30M Disputed

When fans saw during the Lil Wayne artwork raid on November 4 that he had an art collection worth $30 million dollars, they wanted to know more.

Unfortunately, finding information online about Lil Wayne’s individual pieces of art in his collection in Miami is difficult. Search engine results including the keywords “Lil Wayne” and “art” often reveal detailed information about mixtape or album cover art — but not necessarily the kinds of art used in an investment portfolio.

The big question the media and fans have been asking is whether or not the public will get to know if Lil Wayne’s $30 million art collection is truly worth it — and which pieces Lil Wayne owns.

For example, Apollo Magazine writes the following in their “Rakewell” column on November 7.

“The Rake’s thoughts go out to Mr. Wayne, but he can’t help but wonder what the rapper’s taste in art might be. Having once identified as the ‘renaissance man’ (‘…peep my repertoire’) and claimed to be in possession of ‘a code like Da Vinci’, he does not doubt Weezy’s discernment.”

Although there are few pieces of evidence online about Lil Wayne’s art collection, TMZ did point out that the police seized his artwork and “several plaques” — but no one is sure if it was Lil Wayne’s plaque for Tha Carter. Could this mean that Lil Wayne’s art is in forms other than oil paintings?

TMZ also reported that the Miami-Dade County Sheriff’s deputies “brought along someone who valued the items inside the house so they could figure out what to seize.”