November 9, 2015
Leah Messer Of 'Teen Mom 2' Claims She's Been Treated Badly And Destroyed?

Leah Messer appears to still be hurting after losing custody of her twin girls, Ali and Aleeah, 5, to her ex-husband, Corey Simms. Although the Teen Mom 2 star has remained positive on Twitter, often tweeting about her quality time with her girls, her Facebook page tells a different story, and just yesterday, the reality star and mother of three appeared to take aim at her ex-husband and his new wife, Miranda.

On November 8, Leah Messer took to Facebook, where she told fans, "If someone treats you badly, just remember that there is something wrong with them, not you. Normal people don't go around destroying other human beings."

During Teen Mom 2 Season 6, Leah Messer claimed her ex-husband, who recently welcomed his third child with Miranda, had lied about her alleged drug use. According to Simms, he heard plenty of shocking allegations against Messer, and due to her parental behavior with their twins, he believed the rumors. Still, Leah Messer has insisted she's not using drugs, and even though she spent 30 days in treatment from May until June of this year, she told fans it was not for a drug addiction, but rather to address her mental issues of anxiety and depression.

Unfortunately, however, Leah Messer was unable to convince a judge last month that she was capable of doing what was expected of her when it came to parenting, and Simms was named as the twins' primary custodian. Now, following the court hearing, Simms cares for Ali and Aleeah from Monday until Friday, while Leah Messer gets the girls on weekends.

At the end of last month, In Touch Weekly broke news of Leah Messer's custody loss.

Simms "was awarded primary custody, effective immediately" on October 13, a source told the magazine. "[Leah Messer] only gets the girls on the weekends now."

After Simms filed for full custody of his twins with Leah Messer, she reportedly took a turn for the worse as filming continued on Teen Mom 2 Season 6.

"[Leah Messer]'s really been screwing up since then, so Corey took her back to court. The judge looked at the girls' school records, which show that they've been late for school, and made the change in custody."
Following Leah Messer's custody hearing with Simms, a source claims the reality star and mother of three may be headed for yet another fight. Although Leah Messer has yet to confirm the news, the source claimed her second husband, Jeremy Calvert, who divorced her in June of this year, was planning to possibly seek primary custody of their 2-year-old daughter, Adalynn.
"Everyone is very worried about Addie. She recently wandered out of the house while [Leah Messer] was distracted. Thankfully, a police officer found Addie and brought her back home... If [Jeremy] can find [a job] nearby, he'll go for the same custody arrangement that Corey did."
As Leah Messer prepares for a possible second custody battle with Calvert, Simms, and his wife, Miranda, have recently welcomed their first child together, daughter Remington Simms. On Instagram, Simms' father, Jeff, who is often featured in a guest starring role on Teen Mom 2, announced the exciting news on Instagram.

In his post, which featured a photo of the new baby, Jeff wrote, "Remington Monroe surprised us this weekend with her early arrival. She and her mommy are doing well. I am hopelessly in love! #remi."

Leah Messer has yet to comment on Corey and Miranda Simms' baby news.

[Photo via Facebook]