November 9, 2015
Texas Mom Admits To Killing Newborn Before Hiding It In Trunk Of Car

A Texas mom is in trouble after authorities say she admitted to killing her baby immediately after giving birth to it. The Dreamin' Demon reports that 22-year-old Ashley Nicole Blades has been charged with at least two crimes stemming from the incident, and the details surrounding this case are heartbreaking.

Authorities became aware of the situation when Ashley's husband called them to perform a welfare check. He alleged that the woman had texted him, letting him know that she had given birth to their child. She reportedly told the unnamed man that their child died. This prompted him to call 911 immediately. He reportedly expressed that he was worried that the woman had harmed their baby.

The Dallas Morning News reports that police in Weatherford rushed to the Texas mom's home, only to find her without her newborn child. She admitted to authorities that she had given birth to the baby girl that morning in her home. She also admitted to smothering the newborn infant with her bare hands, placing them over the baby's mouth and nose until she stopped breathing. Several hours after the infant was dead, the Texas mom admitted to wrapping her in a plastic bag before hiding her in the trunk of her car -- which is exactly where authorities found the newborn's lifeless body.

According to police, Ashley Blades said that she suffocated her child to stop her from crying. She said that the infant stopped crying, but "didn't seem the same after that point." She decided to leave the dead baby in her home until later that evening before disposing of her in the trunk of the car. She also allegedly made no attempt whatsoever at seeking medical care for the newborn after giving birth to her in her home.

Ashley Nicole Blades has been charged with one count of capital murder and a charge of abuse of a corpse. She's currently being held on bail in the amount of $255k. Meanwhile, an autopsy is scheduled to determine an official cause of death in the infant's case. No reports are indicating whether or not the Texas mom will face any further charges.

Vanessa Clark rolled over on at least two of her children. Photo courtesy of Angelina County Jail, Texas
Vanessa Clark rolled over on at least two of her children. Photo courtesy of Angelina County Jail, Texas

Ashley Blades isn't the first Texas mom to smother her newborn, through either malicious means or through poor decisions. In 2012, Vanessa Clark was arrested after she accidentally killed her 2-month-old son by rolling over on him in her sleep. This was the second child of hers to die in this manner -- a fact which attracted a lot of attention to the dangers of co-sleeping with your babies.

Last year, a Texas mother was not only accused of unsuccessfully suffocating her infant son was also revealed to be the center of an investigation involving the death of another child. Cynthia Kaye Wood was caught on surveillance video reaching into her son's crib in a hospital, and pinching his nose while covering his mouth with her other hand. Hospital surveillance footage caught her attempting to murder the 5-month-old baby, which led to her being charged with attempted capital murder. The 19-year-old woman had allegedly lost a previous child -- a 20-month-old daughter -- to complications associated with epilepsy and seizure disorders.

At this time, the Texas mom in this latest story may or may not be under mental or emotional distress. This has not been addressed in media reports, but it wouldn't be the first time post-partum depression has led to the death of an infant or even an older child. One of the most famous cases of infanticide in Texas involved Andrea Yates, who notoriously drowned all five of her children -- yet still escaped the death penalty and hard prison time due to her mental illness.

[Photo: Weatherford Police mugshot]