Leah Messer Missing In Action As Ex-Husband Corey Simms Welcomes New Daughter

Leah Messer is trying to adjust to a new schedule, as she only sees her twin daughters on the weekend. Corey Simms took her to court to get more time with his girls, so he could make sure they got to school on time, and that Ali got to attend her very important doctor's appointments. The judge agreed with Corey's case, and the girls are now living with their father. On the weekends, Leah gets to spend some time with her girls.

And this weekend, Leah Messer was busy with her girls when Corey's wife, Miranda, went into labor. Within a few hours, she had a brand new baby girl in her arms. And while Corey's father was eager to share pictures of his new granddaughter, Corey himself didn't share anything. He recently deleted his own Twitter account, and he isn't too keen on the negative feedback he got after the Teen Mom reunion special.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Leah Messer hasn't said anything about her ex-husband becoming a father once again. In fact, she didn't even tweet about having her girls, something she has done over the weekend the last two weeks. Many expected that Messer wanted to prove that she was a good mother, but this weekend, she kept her silence. And this weekend was the weekend where Corey's new daughter decided to make her debut slightly earlier than expected.

"Remington Monroe surprised us this weekend with her early arrival. She and her mommy are doing well. I am hopelessly in love #Remi," Corey's father shared on Instagram, while posting a picture of the little baby girl.

Remington wasn't due until after the New Year, so one can imagine that the family is scrambling to get everything ready for the little baby. Grandfather Jeff was very proud of this new addition -- and one can imagine he is helping Corey get settled in, especially since the twins, Ali and Aleeah, will be returning home this week to attend school. One can imagine they are excited to meet their little sister.

But Leah Messer was missing from all the action. In fact, she didn't write anything on social media to possibly congratulate Corey and Miranda. Of course, she could have offered up her congratulations when they met up to drop off the twins. It is possible that Messer is still a bit upset about the sudden change in custody. Corey decided to pursue full-time with his daughters, and the judge agreed. For weeks, rumors surfaced that Leah had lost custody, but she never said anything to confirm the news -- until an interview surfaced where she admitted to losing her daughters.

Of course, Leah still has custody of her third daughter, Adalynn. Messer had Adalynn with Jeremy Calvert, who filed for divorce after she changed. He claims that she changed after taking prescription pills. She denied being addicted, but she did go get help in a rehab facility. As for Jeremy, he could consider pursuing custody of Adalynn, as well, following in Corey's footsteps, according to Design N' Trend.

"She's in a really bad place right now. Leah's friends are definitely worried about her," a source has revealed, adding that Jeremy himself is also concerned.

"He doesn't think Addie is safe with Leah. Especially now that she's depressed over losing the twins."
Jeremy hasn't said much about Leah Messer to the press, but he did share his frustrations on Teen Mom. In fact, he admitted that he had emotionally moved on and wouldn't be taking Leah back, even if she changed.

"[I'll] run as far away as I can," Jeremy Calvert previous revealed on Teen Mom, adding, "It's been f****** hell. No more. It's peaceful [now]. My house is like a home. I've been talking to another girl... She's got her head on her shoulders."

Are you surprised Leah Messer didn't reach out to Corey after he became a father again over the weekend?

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