November 9, 2015
Adam Levine & Miranda Lambert React To Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Romance, But Did 'Shefani' Cheat On Exes?

Adam Levine has been known for years as more than the frontman for Maroon 5. Since starting on The Voice, Levine has increasingly become involved in a bromance with his buddy and fellow Voice coach Blake Shelton, and the two even have a nickname of "Shevine." So when news broke that Adam's pal was dating Gwen Stefani, also a coach on The Voice, some wondered whether Levine would be jealous.

Add in the question of how the country crooner's ex Miranda Lambert would react, as well as rumors that Stefani's ex Gavin Rossdale suspected the new duo known as either "Stefton" or "Shelfani" had actually been dating prior to their divorce, and it's turning into a drama that outdoes any vocal battles on The Voice.

But those who enjoy the duo of "Shevine" don't have to worry.

Adam Levine is crooning for the new couple.
Adam Levine is crooning for the new couple. [Image via Adam Levine/Facebook]

Adam says he's definitely all for his friend's new romance after the wreckage of the country crooner's marriage to Miranda Lambert, reported Entertainment Tonight.

Chatting during his interview for On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Levine cheered for the new hot couple.

"They're my friends," declared Adam. "People don't really realize that they are humans and they have problems just like everybody else."

And three isn't necessarily a crowd, added Levine.

"I love my friends and I support my friends through everything," he said.

Adam also posted a photo of the trio on Facebook to show that they were all pals without problems, calling it "Family."

Adam Levine says that the trio is a pseudo-family.
Adam Levine says that the trio is a pseudo-family. Image via Adam Levine/Facebook]

But there have been numerous divorces within that little self-proclaimed happy family so cherished by Adam. Shelton and Miranda broke up in July following their four-year marriage. Stefani and Gavin Rossdale split in August after more than 12 years as a married couple.

And just as Adam Levine is happy for his pals, Gavin Rossdale is angry and "suspicious" about his ex-wife's new romance, reported the Daily Mail.

Coincidence when it comes to how quickly the new romance sprung up after the divorce? Not according to Gavin, say sources. Rossdale insiders say that he thinks that the juxtaposition of the divorces shows that The Voice coaches were a couple long before they went public.

Gavin thinks that his ex's delay in revealing her romance was because she thought Rossdale would demand more financial payback. And through it all, observers are puzzled as to why Gavin continues to sport his wedding ring.

With Rossdale reacting so harshly, how does Miranda Lambert feel about her own ex's new romance? A source said Lambert is doing just fine, according to Extra.

Although Miranda did suspect it, she knew for sure when Stefani's representative broke the news prior to the CMAs.

"[Lambert] doesn't care. She's divorced and he can date who he wants," said the insider. "She got divorced from him so he's free to date whoever he wants. She's fine."

Although Miranda Lambert isn't giving the thumbs up to her ex's new romance in the same way as Adam Levine, the singer is fine as they move on.
Although Miranda Lambert isn't giving the thumbs up to her ex's new romance in the same way as Adam Levine, the singer is fine as they move on. [Image via Adam Levine/Facebook]

But Miranda showed an indication that she's had a tough year when she accepted the Female Vocalist of the Year award.

"Man, I really appreciate it. I needed a bright spot this year, so thank you. I love country music fans," said Lambert.

Miranda also gave a hint that she's determined to get a fresh start on life by turning her locks semi-pink, pointed out People.

Lambert also took to social media to express her appreciation to country music and her followers.

"I'm still floating around on a cloud from last night. Thank you so much @cma for celebrating country music in a big way and for letting me be part of it. Today was a day spent reflecting on this amazing life that Nashville and country music fans have given me. And my friends. I'm so grateful."

Another uplifting moment since her July divorce for Miranda came last month. Lambert was honored with a place on the Music City Walk of Fame, which the singer says has given her new inspiration.

[Image Via Adam Levine/Facebook]