November 9, 2015
Ben Higgins Final Pick Revealed? 'Reality Steve' Shares Prediction

Ben Higgins has not even finished filming The Bachelor 2016 yet, but Reality Steve has already picked who he thinks will this season of the show. Of course, it is not confirmed, but Steve has it in his head that Ben Higgins has a favorite and has had one for weeks. Celeb Dirty Laundry shared the spoilers that Steve thinks Lauren Bushnell will be the winner at the end of this season. It is already confirmed that she is still around, and Ben Higgins hasn't sent her packing just yet. Steve has been wrong in the past, but he will update his Ben spoilers as he gets more information and let everyone know if Higgins sends Lauren home before the end of the season.

Higgins is down to just three girls now, and they are Caila Quinn, Jojo Fletcher, and Lauren Bushnell. It is now time for the overnight dates, where Ben will have the chance to spend an entire night with the girls without cameras. This is normally the time that The Bachelor will decide who he wants to be with in the end, but, of course, all of the girls have to stick around for a little bit longer. In the past, they have told the winner on the overnight dates that they plan to choose them in the end, but, of course, none of this is caught on camera for the fans to see.

The final rose ceremony is actually less than two weeks away. Ben Higgins will pick his girl on November 18 and, of course, have the chance to use a Neil Lane ring to propose. It will be up to Ben if he actually pops the question, goes home alone, or just asks the girl to keep dating him and see how things go.

Reality Steve is saying that Ben Higgins made his mind up weeks ago and that Lauren Bushnell is the girl he plans to pick. The others are just around because that is the way the show works, but Ben has his mind made up, according to the spoilers.

Lauren Bushnell is a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines and is from Portland, Oregon. Ben's girl is a smart one, though, and has a business degree from Whitworth University. Lauren is also best friends with a girl with a Bachelor past. Her best friend is Anna Von Staehle, who happened to date Josh Murray for a while even though things didn't work out with them in the end.

Reality Steve originally shared that Ben Higgin's overnight dates would be in Greece, but it turns out that is not the case. Today, Steve went to his Twitter page and shared that Ben Higgins' dates will actually be held at the Sandals Royal Plantation in Jamaica. This should make for really romantic dates for Ben Higgins and his final three. After that, Ben will actually be sending home one girl, and then it will be down to his final two. It will be less than two weeks before Ben picks the girl he wants to spend his life with, and everyone can't wait to find out if it is going to be Lauren Bushnell or one of the other girls that Ben picks in the end.

Do you think Reality Steve is right about who Ben Higgins will pick in the end? Steve will end up sharing who Ben picks as soon as he finds out, and hopefully he will be right once again. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. Don't miss the new season of The Bachelor 2016 when it starts airing in January on ABC. This is Ben Higgins' second chance at finding love, and hopefully it works out for him.

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