November 9, 2015
'World Of Warcraft' Full Movie Trailer Officially Released

The World of Warcraft movie officially got its full trailer released this weekend. It came just days after a teaser trailer was shared, but fans will have to wait a little longer for the movie.

Fans of the online game have already had to wait almost a decade for the film. Warcraft was announced back in 2006, and it has taken this long to create the full-length feature. It does mean that fans will likely be happier because attention to detail has been paid. The trailer may not feature Blizzard's usual CGI and gaming quality, but it certainly shows that plenty of work has been put into the movie.

Official Trailer For 'World Of Warcraft' Movie Finally Released
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November 3, 2015 saw the first footage of the World of Warcraft movie, which is scheduled for release on June 10, 2016, according to Tech Insider. It was a 30-second teaser, showing elements of Azeroth, the realm the movie will take place in. Universal Pictures and Legendary then shared the trailer, along with the synopsis for the movie. It will take place in the peaceful realm where humans currently reside. Orc warriors are fleeing their dying home and have no choice but to colonize elsewhere or face extinction. The humans, led by the Alliance, will need to keep their realm safe from destruction. The leaders of both sides will "decide the fate of their family, their people, and their home."

It is clear from the World of Warcraft full trailer that there will not be one side to root for. Released at BlizzCon 2015 and streamed live on Twitch, the trailer shows that the leader of the orcs, Durotan, will want to work with the humans. He wants the two factions to live peacefully together, which is something the humans want. However, some of his race will fight against him on this, making it clear that they want to be the only ones in the realm. It does mean that those who play the orcs in World of Warcraft online will have someone to support throughout the movie. It saves the film from featuring clear-cut black-and-white heroes and villains.

Duncan Jones directed the movie and made sure that fans of the game will not be disappointed. He took to the BlizzCon stage with the majority of the main cast to share the first full trailer. Toby Kebbell, who will play the orcs' leader, was also there, along with Paula Patton, who will play Garona, a half-orc who will find herself trapped between the two factions.

The only main character not on the stage was Travis Fimmel, who will play Alliance leader Anduin Lothar. He is featured heavily in the Warcraft trailer.

While gamer fans will know that World of Warcraft eventually introduced various other species and factions into the game, they are not likely to be featured in the first movie. This is set prior to the game, setting up the two warring factions. Some have suggested that it is going to set up a series of movies that take gamers through the whole game, eventually introducing the different species like the undead armies. Jones has already said that he would like to make a trilogy of Warcraft movies, according to the Verge.

Trailer Of 'World Of Warcraft' Movie Finally Released
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Some have said the new trailer is very much like Lord of the Rings, with others saying there is an Avatar element added to it. This also supports the idea that a trilogy is possible. There have been no announcements that the first movie will lead to more, but it looks like the director and production companies are keeping their options open.

World of Warcraft was supposed to debut this year. The release of the new Star Wars movie next month pushed the release back.

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