November 9, 2015
'Sister Wives' Spoilers: Robyn Brown Reveals The Gender Of Her Baby, But Drama Over Her Ex-Husband Looms

Sister Wives fans got some major news on Sunday, with star Robyn Brown finally revealing the gender of her baby.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead

In the episode, Brown said that she and husband Kody are expecting a baby girl. Robyn opened up about the pregnancy in a further interview with People magazine, which was published at the same time that Sister Wives fans were learning the spoilers about her baby's gender.

"The whole family is so excited for our new baby girl," Robyn told the magazine. "So many of them guessed ahead of time it was a girl."

As People noted, a clip released before the show aired cast some doubt as to whether fans would learn about the baby's sex.

"I want you to tell me," she tells her ultrasound technician in an exclusive clip from Sunday's episode. "We want to know today. Like I'm about to die I want to know so bad."

"But before she finds out the big news, her husband Kody gives it his best guess in the clip, by looking closely at the image."

"Can you let us try and figure it out?" he asks. "I want to try."

Kody Brown already has a combined 17 children with his four wives, including a son with Robyn.

Robyn's family drama has played a large role on the show. In a recent episode, Robyn's ex-husband was seen signing papers giving Kody the right to adopt her three children from a previous marriage --- Aurora, Dayton, and Breanna. The kids' biological father had not been involved much in their lives, the International Business Times reported.

Kody seemed surprised by the news, telling Sister Wives viewers that he was expecting more of a fight.

"We're shell-shocked because we have gone so far, moving so fast, thinking we were going to have this major, major fight with him and all of a sudden it's over," Kody says.

With the adoption, the kids would be able to change their last name to Brown. But Robyn said the father will still play an important part of their lives, and she will let the kids see their father whenever they wish.

The oldest daughter, Aurora, was seen giving her father a call to thank him for letting the adoption process go through.

But there are some who have accused Robyn Brown of trying to cut off her kids from their biological father. Robyn shared with fans a portrait of her children when they were younger, with Kody apparently inserted in instead of their biological father.

While some noted that it was a nice sentiment to include the man who is now helping to raise the children, others saw it as a strange attempt to re-write history and push out their real father.

Others thought it amounted to brainwashing, trying to make the kids believe that Kody played a larger role than he truly had.

Whatever the criticism, Robyn seemed happy with the portrait and appeared quite proud to show it off.

There is still some more important parts of the process to play out, however. Kody still has to go to court and get approval from a judge, which could be tricky given the family's famous polygamous lifestyle.

Fans of Sister Wives will have to wait a little longer to find out more about Robyn Brown's baby. She is due on January 7.

[Image via Twitter/TLC]