Obama Poll Shows Support at Record Lows Among Muslims

A new Barack Obama poll revealed the president’s popularity has reached record lows among the Muslim community. The Pew Research Center poll was released on the same day the Obama’s re-election campaign stated that a Mitt Romney administration would reduce America’s “popularity” in countries where Muslims are in a majority, according to Conservative Byte.

The Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes poll notes that the policies of the Obama administration in Muslim countries are now only approved by 15 percent of respondents, according to survey results republished by The Daily Caller. An earlier Pew Research Center poll registered Obama policy approval at 34 percent. The president’s approval and attitudes toward Americans from Pakistan poll participants registers at only 7 percent. The poll covered 21 countries and included more than 26,000 respondents.

Poll results may come as a surprise to Obama, who spent a significant portion of his first year in office focusing on improving what he termed, “America’s global standing,” The Daily Caller notes. During a 2008 speech Obama stated that he desired to “go before the world community” and inform the “yearning faces beyond our shores” that they matter to the United States and stated “your future is our future.” If the poll results are a solid indicator of President Obama’s foreign policy performance, his efforts to improve the standing of the United States around the world has not succeeded.

Pew Research Center poll results from European counties indicate that approval of President Obama’s

policies slipped from 78 percent in 2009 to 63 percent. According to statistics from the same poll, European confidence in the president also decreased to 80 percent. European attitudes toward the United States fell to 60 percent as well.