China Admits To Forcing 7-Month Abortion, Promises Action

China Late Term Forced Abortion

The story started as what many people believed was an internet hoax, a Chinese woman pictured in a hospital bed next to a 7-month old fetus, a claim that China forced her to have an abortion very far along in her pregnancy. Unfortunately that female, Feng Jianmei, of the northern Shaanxi province was not staging a hoax and China officials have admitted their part in the forced abortion.

According to a Chinese rights group Jianmei was forced to end her pregnancy after she refused to pay a large fine for planning to have a second child.

The AFP reports that Chinese officials told them it was “basically true.”

Speaking to the US-based All Girls Allowed organization the BBC learned through Feng’s husband that she was forced to go to the hospital, and restrained once there.

In speaking out against the forced seven-month abortion the provincial government released the following statement on its website:

“This is a serious violation of the National Population and Family Planning Commission’s policies, jeopardizes the population control work, and has caused uneasiness in society.”

The Chinese government, now passing the blame is demanding that those doctors responsible for the late-term abortion be punished.

While China use to allow late-term abortions the practice has been banned since 2001 after international groups began to expose the countries horrendous abortion practices which were used to slow rapid population growth throughout the region.

Do you think the Chinese government is passing the blame too much regarding this case and what is sure to be other cases just like this?