‘Scream Queens’ Star Keke Palmer Calls Castmate Ariana Grande A ‘Diva,’ Plus Who Is Set To Return In Episode 8?

With the first season of Scream Queens currently underway, Keke Palmer (Zayday Williams) recently dished some behind the scenes details on her fellow cast members. According to Us Magazine, Palmer revealed some inside information on some of her closest friends on the set, including Lea Michele and Ariana Grande, who she stated is a “diva… not in a bad way!”

Apart from calling Grande a diva, the Scream Queens star also shared some news about co-star Nick Jonas. Apparently, Jonas gave her some important relationship advice after she broke up with her boyfriend.

Additionally, Palmer went on to reveal in the interview that Lea Michele’s (Hester) boyfriend, Matthew Paetz, would constantly join her on set. At the same time, although Emma Roberts (Chanel Oberlin) might appear to be as sweet as can be, Palmer related how the American Horror Story star has a bit of a “sassy” element to her.

Meanwhile, with the first season of the horror comedy now up and running, the latest episode is set to take another step towards revealing the true identity of the Red Devil. However, according to International Business Times, more murders are on the way before we finally discover the identity of the person behind the mask.

Grace will reluctantly have to turn to Chanel for help in the next episode of 'Scream Queens.' [Image via Fox]
Grace will reluctantly have to turn to Chanel for help in the next episode of 'Scream Queens.' [Image via Fox]

Based on the synopsis for the coming episode, “Mommie Dearest,” Grace will reluctantly ask Chanel for help in looking into the bloody past of Kappa Kappa Tau, according to Spoilers Guide. More specifically, who died in the bathtub after giving birth 20 years ago? Based on the preview, when working together, it appears that Grace realizes she may not be that different from her archenemy, after all.

In the previous episode, Dean Munsch promised Grace that she would give her more information on the mysterious KKT death, but with a catch. Grace has to get Munsch information about Feather McCarthy (Tavi Gevinson), a former KKT sister who fell in love with Dean Munsch’s husband. Mr. Munsch eventually left the Dean, leaving her bitter and out for revenge. Dean Munsch eventually had Feather framed for her ex-husband’s murder.

While Grace is finally learning who died in the bathtub (and perhaps who was born), she still has no idea that Chanel and her many minions still plan on framing her and her bestie, Zayday Williams, as the Red Devil Killers.

The official synopsis for Episode 8 of Scream Queens also alludes that Dean Munsch will go “Psycho” when the Red Devil Killers start targeting her as their next victim. In a nod to her famous mother, Janet Leigh — who became a household name thanks to a certain shower scene in Psycho — it appears that the Red Devil Killers will try and take Munsch out while she is in the shower.

Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) goes "psycho" in the next episode of 'Scream Queens.' [Image via Fox]
Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) goes "psycho" in the next episode of 'Scream Queens.' [Image via Fox]

Look for Nick Jonas to make his triumphant return as Dickie Dollar Scholars fraternity member Boone Clemens. We have not seen Boone since he faked his death in Episode 2, and it appeared that he possibly had an inside track on just who was behind the Red Devil Killer’s mask.

Also set to make her return in Episode 8, Denise Hemphill (Niecy Nash), who becomes the new house mother of KKT sorority, even though she still thinks that pledge Zayday is the Red Devil Killer.

Other guest stars for the next all new episode include Breezy Eslin as Jennifer, Anna Grace Barlow as Bethany, Dan Hildebrand as Detective Baxter, and Daniel R. Donahue as Detective Chiselhurst.

Scream Queens is set to return with Episode 8, “Mommie Dearest,” on Tuesday night, November 10, at 9/8c on FOX. Check out a preview below.

Tell us! Do you think Ariana Grande is a diva? Who do you think is the Red Devil Killer on Scream Queens? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Fox]