WWE Rumors: Update On WWE's Plans For Brock Lesnar And When He Will Return

WWE is currently running in a desperation mode of sorts due to some main event stars taking time off and others being injured. The six-to-nine month loss of WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins to injury is the latest in a rather long series of talents who will be out a while. There are some options and rumor has it that "big names" are being called, but it's also possible that Brock Lesnar could get an early call up from his return date which was just recently revealed.

After defeating The Undertaker at Hell In A Cell, Lesnar disappeared from WWE television and it was expected that he would be gone for the rest of the year. He was expected to come back for the Royal Rumble in 2016 to start a program for WrestleMania 32.

Considering Lesnar has the deal with WWE where he's got a certain number of appearances per year, that seems about right. If he makes any other appearances than those agreed upon, WWE has to cough up more money and that may happen soon.

After the injury to Rollins, the main event scene is looking quite bare.

  • Seth Rollins - Out six to nine months with a knee injury
  • Randy Orton - Out four to six months with a shoulder injury
  • The Undertaker - Limited schedule
  • John Cena - Taking time off for personal reasons until mid-to-late December
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The Wrestling Observer newsletter is reporting that WWE could end up giving Brock Lesnar a call to see if he could end up returning early to help stop the ratings bleed. With so many big names out, it may be a call that WWE makes, but it's going to cost them.

Currently, Lesnar is in Alberta, Canada, and on a big hunting trip. If WWE wanted to have him come back immediately, it may not be possible. If he can make it back in a week, then there would be just one week before Survivor Series arrives and not a lot of time to start a program.

Well, that may be where Seth Rollins' injury and the recently announced WWE World Title tournament may work to the company's advantage.

With only two weeks until Survivor Series, there aren't a lot of new programs that need to start due to the tournament. Anyone can be involved it with no real reasoning and that means Lesnar could show up on Monday Night Raw next week (Nov. 16) or even at the pay-per-view itself and be included in the tournament.

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If Lesnar isn't back in November, WWE could have him come back right after and return in time for TLC on Dec. 13. Maybe he'd start something with the new WWE Champion or just get involved in something else entirely depending on how many extra dates that the company wants to sign him for.

Now, if Lesnar doesn't return for either of those pay-per-view events, he has now been confirmed to come back for the WWE Live event on Dec. 19, at The Forum in California. WrestleZone isn't yet sure if this is going to be another WWE Network live special or if it's just a house show.

Brock Lesnar, as well as John Cena, have been locally advertised for the California show, but only Lesnar and Paul Heyman have been confirmed to appear by WWE. The other thing to take notice of is that the WWE.com has now taken Lesnar off of the "Included Superstars Appearing" page.

So, WWE is really hurting right now with all of the injuries and absences in the main event scene. Survivor Series is right around the corner, and it's looking mighty slim at the top, but the "Beast Incarnate" himself could save the day. That is, if WWE is willing to pay Brock Lesnar the extra money to come back early.

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