SM Entertainment Creates Exclusive Record Label Just For K-Pop Mega Group Super Junior

For the past ten years, Super Junior has been a staple in K-pop as well as the Hallyu Wave. Formed by producer Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment and making their debut back in 2005, the boy mega group has pumped out hit after hit.

The one song that would be credited as their breakout hit was “Sorry, Sorry,” which released back in 2009, the same year fellow K-pop group under the same label, Girls’ Generation, released their breakout hit “Gee.”

Presently, the members of Super Junior are taking care of their own individual endeavors. Siwon is probably the one member getting the most attention these days not only for his personal beliefs but his role in the popular K-drama, She Was Pretty.

Though Super Junior is still popular to this day, they are getting older. Usually, such groups eventually retire so that rookie groups can take their place. However, SM Entertainment seems to be showing their gratitude for all the years of hard work Super Junior has given by creating an exclusive label just for them. This new label will exclusively take care of everything related to Super Junior from now on.

According to the original article by Korean new outlet, Naver, translated by Soompi, SM Entertainment has announced the establishment of Super Junior’s exclusive label, which reportedly will go by Label SJ — SJ surely standing for “Super Junior.”

“We established Label SJ to give Super Junior our wholehearted support and an ideal system [for managing the group].”

Label SJ will still be affiliated with SM Entertainment, but as mentioned earlier, they will only be responsible for Super Junior. This includes the management of the group, production of their albums, and all group, sub-groups, which include Super Junior-K.R.Y; Super Junior-T; Super Junior-M; Super Junior-H; and Super Junior-D&E, and individual activities, such as Siwon’s acting career.

Though Label SJ was most-likely made to better handle business responsibilities related to Super Junior, it is possible SM Entertainment created it as some kind of anniversary gift. November 6, 2005, was the official debut date for the K-pop mega group and, if one keeps track of time, they have officially been around for a decade since yesterday, Friday, November 6, 2015.

Their ability to produce has broken records including 120 concerts globally with over 1.8 million concert attendees in 27 different cities. Also, Super Junior has finally made it in the 100 million view club for K-pop videos with their other mega hit “Mr. Simple.”

They will join the ranks of HyunA with “Bubble Pop!” and her collaboration with PSY, “Oppa Is Just My Style;” Girls’ Generation with “The Boys,” “I Got A Boy,” “Gee;” 2NE1 with “I Am The Best;” Big Bang with “Fantastic Baby;” and PSY with the aforementioned song with HyunA, “Gentleman,” and “Gangnam Style.”

Super Junior now getting its own label to manage their business affairs is surely one of the greatest gifts SM Entertainment can bestow upon them. However, there is a major underlying detail that needs to be addressed, one that will surely be favorable to those who identify themselves as E.L.F. — Super Junior fans.

With Label SJ created, it is believed Super Junior will be around for quite some time. Maybe they won’t be pumping out hit after hit like in their rookie days, but we can at least expect comeback albums or at least reunion or revival tours, such as K-pop group g.o.d. does. This new label will also make it easier for Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, and Donghae to get back to the step of things once their mandatory military service is over.

[Image via Super Junior’s Official Facebook Page]