‘Doctor Strange’ First Look — Benedict Cumberbatch Went Through A Huge Makeover To Play Dr. Stephen Strange

The very first looks at Benedict Cumberbatch in his role in the upcoming Marvel Comics film Doctor Strange are continuing to stream in as filming for the movie is underway in Nepal. Cumberbatch was spotted on the streets of Nepal in full costume by a number of different fans, who immediately took to social media to share their behind the scenes photos. Based on the bearded images of the actor, he went through quite the transformation for the role.

The first image was uploaded by Prayush Khadka on Twitter, and featured the actor standing on a balcony. Although the photo was taken from a ways off, Cumberbatch can clearly be seen overlooking the city, complete with a full beard. “Benedict cumberbatch in Nepal…shooting for #drstrange #movie #cumberbatch,” the user wrote alongside the image.

Benedict Cumberbatch filming 'Doctor Strange' in Nepal. [Image via Prayush Khadka Twitter]
Benedict Cumberbatch filming 'Doctor Strange' in Nepal. [Image via Prayush Khadka Twitter]

In another post to Twitter, Cumberbatch is seen walking through the streets in Kathmandu, surrounded by a few people on motorcycles. “They are filming in Asan, a market in central Kathmandu, #DoctorStrange #BenedictCumberbatch,” the user wrote.

Members of the film crew spent a while in the Kathmandu marketplace, and were also spotted by another Twitter fan, Nigam Bhandari. In this photo, filmmakers are seen outside of a jewelry store with Cumberbatch in the background. “It was absolutely amazing to see them work,” the user wrote.

Cumberbatch is set to play the main character in the movie, Stephen Strange. In the comics, Doctor Strange is a former neurosurgeon who is forced to retire having suffered significant damage to his hand during an automobile accident. The character then turns to the realm of the mystical and discovers a world filled with magic and multiple dimensions.

Although details regarding the script of the movie have not been revealed, it is expected that the film will loosely follow the story-line presented in the comics. This is especially true considering the characters that have already been announced as being a part of the movie, which include the likes of The Ancient One and Doctor Nicodemus West.

According to Coming Soon, Nepal marks the first filming spot for producers. Given the location of the filming, it is thought that these early shots of Cumberbatch are part of the beginning of the story-line, where Doctor Strange seeks out help in regards to his mangled hand.

This would help explain Cumberbatch’s appearance in the images, in which he appears in a full beard and ragged clothing. More than likely, this is the part of the movie where his character is looking for help from a mystical teacher named The Ancient One, who teaches him the art of magic.

In addition to the first photos of Cumberbatch, the actor was also seen in Bhotahiti, Nepal, in what appears to be a market place scene. One Twitter user managed to snap a few photos of Cumberbatch walking in the market, with the caption: “I met Benedict Cumberbatch at Bhotihiti today #bigfan #drstrange.”

Meanwhile, another user was able to get a close up shot of Cumberbatch in character, which was quickly posted on Twitter. The photo offers a great look at some of Cumberbatch’s gear in the movie, which includes a long jacket, a backpack, and a book. “Pics are fab #kathmandu #nepal, many thanks to the nepalese ppl brilliant job with the pics #cumberbatch #drstrange,” the user stated.

Michael Stuhlbarg was just added to the cast of 'Doctor Strange.' [Photo By Alberto E Rodriguez/Getty Images]
Michael Stuhlbarg was just added to the cast of 'Doctor Strange.' [Photo By Alberto E Rodriguez/Getty Images]

Starring opposite Cumberbatch in the female lead for the film is Rachel McAdams. At the same time the movie will also feature Michael Stuhlbarg as Doctor Nicodemus West, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Baron Mordo, and Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One. Additionally, Mads Mikkelsen from Hannibal is expected to be cast for the role of the main bad guy whose identity remains hidden.

Doctor Strange is scheduled to premiere in theaters in November of next year.

[Photo By Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images]