George And Amal Clooney Pregnant? The Rumors Keep Churning About The Duo

Over the past week, rumors have been making the rounds that not only have George and Amal Clooney adopted an adorable rescue dog from a shelter, but that the star couple is also preparing to welcome another new addition to the family. The dog is truly an addition that the couple made to their household, but the additional stories are not so easily verified.

OK! Magazine made a point of sharing unverified claims that Amal is already 14 weeks pregnant with the couple’s first child. A “source” shared details about the story after observers noticed what they thought to be a baby bump.

“[Amal is] so tiny that she’s barely showing, she’ll probably be able to hide it for a while. The pair don’t plan to announce the pregnancy for at least another month, maybe even longer.”

The 37-year-old human rights lawyer and her husband, actor George Clooney, have been in the spotlight quite heavily since they tied the knot a little over a year ago. Amal is an intelligent, fashionista, barrister and Clooney is a Hollywood heartthrob, who fans thought would never settle down. It’s clear that the masses are generally in favor of the duo and are antsy to hear the news that the two are expecting, when the reports are, in fact, legitimate. However, Gossip Cop has stepped in to rule out any truth to the story cooked up by OK! that the Clooneys are expecting.

attends the premiere ff Disney's "Tomorrowland" at AMC Downtown Disney 12 Theater on May 9, 2015 in Anaheim, California. George and Amal at ‘Tomorrowland’ premiere [Photo by Jason Merrit/Getty Images]As the publication that is set on revealing falsities notes, OK! has been notorious for cooking up rumors about Amal’s due date. Seventeen months ago the gossip site attempted to convince that Amal and George were expecting at the same time they were set to wed.

The claims began circulating once more when Amal and George attended the premiere of his latest effort in film, Our Brand Is Crisis. However, many in attendance also reported to Gossip Cop that Amal did not look pregnant in the slightest. From talk of godparents to the gender of the Clooneys first child, none of the information relayed by OK! can be confirmed.

George and Amal recently made front page news on the tabloids for another reason, which comes as quite a surprise. The report, which appears to be completely false, states the couple are heading for a divorce due to George’s alleged romantic involvement with a man from years back. The story was paired with a grainy picture of Clooney giving former E.R. co-star Noah Wyle a harmless peck on the cheek. The photo was seemingly taken years back. The publication which originally published the story described the chummy photo as “risque.”

1997 The cast of "E.R.": (Clockwise from top left) Gloria Reuben, Maria Bello, Eriq La Salle, George Clooney, Alex Kingston, Anthony Edwards, Noah Wyle, Laura Innes and Julianna Margulies.

Starpulse reminds as to why the spin, which the tabloid put on the picture, is entirely ludicrous.

“The alleged squalid pictures of George Clooney kissing a man should be a non-issue today’s tolerant society. Shucks, Madonna kissed Britney Spears (and Christina Aguilera), Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson puckered up in 2010 at the MTV Movie Awards, Ariana Grande smooched former Victorious co-star Elizabeth Gillies, Birdman locked lips with Lil Wayne, and Patriots owner Robert Kraft often kisses Tom Brady before a game. “

The supposed source who inspired this outrageous story about George Clooney, all based on a harmless photo, took the claims as far as to indicate that Amal was through with George after seeing the photo evidence. Gossip Cop relays the words of the fake source which the false story is based upon.

“There’s no doubt [Amal’s] pals will tell her now’s the time to get out o the marriage! His provocative photos from that long-ago time could serve as the death knell for his short marriage to Amal.”

Gossip Cop then noted the complete falsities attached to this tabloid report. Amal and George are going strong, and are not expecting baby no. 1.

[Feature Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images]