Ben Affleck Is Back To His Old Ways — Reports Claim Jennifer Garner’s Ex Is ‘Drinking And Picking Up Women’

Although it was rumored that the two might get back together, it is now apparent that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are calling it quits for good. According to OK! Magazine, their latest issue centers on Affleck going back to his old cheating ways, which has pushed Garner beyond her limits.

“Jen believes that Ben’s been drinking and picking up women behind her back,” an inside source revealed to the outlet. “Ben was doing so well. He was going to therapy twice a week and attending church with the family.”

The couple made the shocking announcement that they had decided to split earlier this year. The main problem that led to their divorce involved an alleged affair Affleck was having with the couple’s nanny, Christine Ouzounian.

It is rumored that Ben Affleck is leaning on his friends like Matt Damon while he is going through the split. [Photo By Angela Weiss/Getty] It is rumored that Ben Affleck is leaning on his friends like Matt Damon while he is going through the split. [Photo By Angela Weiss/Getty]That being said, the two have since been spotted in public together with their kids in tow. This led to speculation that the two were heading for some kind of reconciliation for the betterment of their children. In fact, an inside source told Hollywood Life that the two might have a chance at working things out because they wanted to do what was best for their kids.

“They have been back and forth for years on this subject,” the insider explained. “There is still love there that they are trying to figure out. The kids are the great equalizer that they want to stay together for, so it’s a daily battle to see if it will work out.”

Indeed, their kids seemed to be the only reason why the couple was still interacting with each other. For a while, this seemed to be reason enough for the two to remain together.

“Jen is interested in saving her marriage for her kids, but is not interested in having more kids. She is taking it day by day and Ben has really been a changed man of late,” the source continued. “So it might just work out now that the dust has cleared.”

Ben Affleck can next be seen in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' [Image via Warner Bros] Ben Affleck can next be seen in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ [Image via Warner Bros]However, despite his attempts to make things right with Garner, Ben Affleck has reportedly returned to his old ways of drinking and hitting on women. In light of this recent development, Garner has now decided that she is through with the Batman v Superman star once and for all.

“This was Ben’s last shot to make things right and he didn’t,” the source stated. “She’s done fighting the same fight.”

According to Design and Trend, this latest slip up by Affleck has proven to be extra hard on the actor, who is currently working on a number of new movie projects. While Garner begins to move on with her life, Affleck has apparently turned to his mother for support.

“Ben’s in a pretty bad way,” a source close to Affleck recently revealed. “He’s not really taking care of himself, he’s not shaving, hardly washing and eating a lot of junk food and his mum [Christine] can’t bear to see him like this. She convinced him to stay in their family home so she could nurse him back to health. Now she’s really pushing for him to move in full-time once he starts filming.”

Although Affleck clearly has his own set of issues to work through, it isn’t clear how Garner is handling the situation. However, it is clear that she isn’t ready to give Affleck another chance, no matter how her kids handle the situation.

While we wait to learn more about the situation surrounding Garner and Affleck, neither of the stars have addressed the recent rumors. Hopefully, they step forward soon and make things a little clearer as to where their relationship is heading.

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