Government Could Be Using ‘Chemtrail Web’ Bio-Weapons Delivery System To Spread Ebola And Plague Pandemic Across U.S., Say Conspiracy Theorists [Video]

Conspiracy theorists are spreading fear among readers online with an exceptionally bizarre theory, which claims that the government could be using a mysterious sticky “chemtrail web” substance, seen falling from the skies recently in some states such as Texas, Arizona, and Ohio, for secret experimentation with bio-warfare delivery systems designed to spread Ebola and plague epidemic.

The exceptionally bizarre and sinister conspiracy theory is being promoted on conspiracy theory blogs such as All News Pipeline (ANP) and Intellihub News.

The Inquisitr reported earlier in the week that residents of several states, including Texas and Arizona, reported seeing mysterious white fibers floating down from the skies late last month and early this month (see videos below).

Although, some scientists tried to calm fears, saying that the white fibers are webs produced by migrating spiders, the conspiracy theory blogosphere has been active with some influential conspiracy theorists claiming that the white fibers ar “chemtrail webs” produced from chemtrail chemicals sprayed from military aircraft as part of secret weather manipulation experiments by the government.

A YouTube conspiracy theorist described the white substance as the “‘undesired end product’ of heavy chemtrail spraying from military aircraft.”

Some witnesses claimed that before the “chemtrail webs” appeared, military planes were seen “heavily chemtrailing” overnight.

“These filaments were as high as approximately 35′ to 50′ above the ground, gently floating from west to east. I didn’t see any floating past me below the trees. The sky was blue and cloudless, except for some wisps of contrails or chem-trails. The previous three days in this area we were heavily chem-trailed, especially at night.”

The latest conspiracy theory rumor linking the appearance of alleged “chemtrail webs” to clandestine biological weapons delivery system experiments, using the populace as guinea pigs, appears to have been sparked partly by an October 31 report by the U.K. Daily Mail, which claimed that military scientists were conducting experiments involving spraying spider webs with Ebola virus and plague bacteria. The research scientists said the experiments were designed to collect scientific data on how long the pathogens can survive on organic and inorganic material in the event of a biological weapons attack.

According to Dr. Steve Lever, who is in charge of the research project at the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory in the U.K., the research was designed to help the authorities prepare for a bio-weapons attack.

“By increasing our basic understanding of the survival characteristics of threat agents, we can help determine the best response to any biological release – whether accidental or intentional.”

But conspiracy theorists immediately discerned a sinister connection between the spider web experiments and the appearance of white web-like fibrous substances over the skies in many states of the U.S.

The conspiracy theory blog Intellihub News claimed that laboratory analysis of the white substance suggest strongly that they are “chemtrail” agents containing heavy metals, such as aluminum, barium and strontium, supposedly used in chemtrails and weather manipulation or geoengineering experiments.

According to the doomsday conspiracy theory blog All News Pipeline(ANP), in a piece titled, “Are Chemtrails Dispersing Ebola & Plague Infected Web-Like Substances In Order To Initiate Pandemic Across The US?…,” there is a “possibility” that the “chemtrail webs” are in fact Ebola virus and plague pathogen-laced.

ANP claims that “well-trusted sources” have suggested the “possibility that these webs could be used to initiate a ‘pandemic’ across America.”

“We know for an absolute fact that chemtrails have been found to contain ‘Aluminum’, ‘barium’ and ‘strontium’. Why would it be beyond possible to lace them with fibrous weblike Ebola and Black Death when we know they’re already testing the use of such materials in spiders webbing?” (Stefan Stanford: All News Pipeline)

And why would the U.S. government initiate an Ebola and Black Death pandemic among Americans or conduct bioweapons experiments using Americans as guinea pigs?

ANP’s rationalization of the bizarre conspiracy theory suggests that it is linked to the all-pervasive far right wing fear of a sinister agenda to impose liberal New World Order (NOW) tyranny on conservative Americans.

“We have seen much discussion about terrorists planning to weaponize both Ebola and the Plague, so it wouldn’t be any great leap in logic to imagine that governments across the globe would be experimenting with the same type of biological weapon utilizing chemtrails in a manner to distribute a biological weapon over a vast area.” (Susan Duclos: All News Pipeline)

ANP writers’ comments reveal the political-ideological conflict issues underlying the persistent patterns of bizarre and paranoid conspiracy theory fear-mongering in the far right wing blogosphere.

“We learn that according to recently uncovered weather modification documents from 1979, weather modification can be used in the ‘gun control agenda’ and is tied to it,” ANP writes. “Is this why the NWS, NOAA and Commerce Department are now being gagged by the federal govt? What do they know that the govt doesn’t want the rest of us to know?”

The ANP article ends with wildly speculating questions, “Would chemtrails be used as a biological weapons delivery system? Would our government do such a thing again to a totally unsuspecting population? Are these webs a ‘test run’ prior to a real event using such deadly diseases, whether here or in another far away land?”

While many dismiss these speculations in the far right wing blogosphere as politically-motivated fear-mongering mischief, the purveyors of this extreme conspiracy theory argue that it is grounded on facts and that it could not be a coincidence that web-like “chemtrail” fibers are appearing over wide areas of the U.S. at the time that the Daily Mail reported that “mad scientists” are conducting experiments on how to use spider webs to spread deadly disease pathogens, such as Ebola and Plague.

[Image via HAARP Report/YouTube]